Meet an FDM Returner: Victoria Alimova

Paul Brown
26.08.2022 Published: 26.08.22, Modified: 26.08.2022 16:08:34

The FDM Returners Programme provides a great platform for those looking to get back to work after a career break. With intensive training through to placement with our prestigious clients and ongoing support, FDM has helped over 375 people get back to work. Currently we have over 250 enrolled on our Returners Programme.  

We spoke with one of our recent consultants, Victoria Alimova who shared her experiences of coming to the UK as a refugee and finding her way back to work in a new country by joining FDM’s Returners Programme.

What were you doing in your career before your break?

For 12 years, I had been pursuing Ukrainian export and implementing international cooperation in different domains (agriculture, food & drink, machinery). Later, I managed strategic change and day-to-day operations of educational facilities.

What were the reasons for your career break?

I took a three-year break from my corporate career to look after my younger daughter and gain my second Master’s degree.

What did you do during your career break?

I was writing my Master’s thesis about the educational therapy of dyslexic kids and helping pupils with ADHD and dyslexia to overcome their difficulties.

What were your biggest challenges in trying to get back into work?

Getting back to work, in my case, was further burdened with refugee experience. After the Russian aggression deprived my family of our house in Hostomel, it led my children and me abroad and my husband to the army. I gathered all my resilience, revised my background and transferable skills, and decided to go tech. That brought me to FDM.

How did you find FDM and why did you decide to join?

I saw the Consultant BA vacancy on LinkedIn, reviewed the site, and discovered that it perfectly suited my purpose. I really appreciated the Returners Programme values and objectives.

What was your training like?

I’m thrilled to be onboard and enjoy all that FDM training gives me every day – valuable materials, knowledgeable trainers, and my groupmates who add value to the training process with their different experiences. Both guided by an FDM trainer and self-paced courses like Prince2 are fit to purpose.

Was FDM accommodating towards your other commitments?

I’m very thankful to our trainers for being understanding during my school runs. 

What were the key benefits for you from the Programme?

The most valuable outcome for me is understanding the tech business, some valuable skills, and improvement in my self-confidence.

How would you describe the FDM Returners Programme in one word?

Reboot. You are being upgraded through effort and persistence, adding new precious gems to your collection of hard and soft skills and thus becoming the best version of your professional self.

How was your background taken into consideration when choosing this pathway?

I have a strong commercial acumen and a very diverse experience that’s why I can add value to FDM clients as a BA for a wide range of projects in their digital change.

How are you managing caring duties alongside your training?

It’s rather hard to be a single parent in a new country, but I’m coping. School clubs and the fellow Ukrainian community help me with it. I appreciate the opportunities and support the UK, and the British people were so generously kind to grant to all those fleeing the war.

If you’ve had a career break and are now looking to get back to back, apply to FDM’s Returners Programme and launch an exciting career in business or tech.