My Experience as a Consultant Peer Support Ambassador

Paul Brown
19.08.2019 Published: 19.08.19, Modified: 19.08.2019 11:08:30

After completing my Master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Windsor, I joined the FDM Toronto Academy in June 2017 and trained in the Java Development stream. Once I had completed three months of very specialised training, I was placed at TD in London, Ontario, Canada in September 2017. After one formative and valuable year on-site, I was notified by FDM’s Consultant Support team that there was a Consultant Peer Support (CPS) Ambassador position available, which immediately got my attention. After completing the interview process, I was chosen for the role and am appreciative to have been given this opportunity.

As an Ambassador, I support consultants during their client onboarding process by answering any questions regarding accommodation, time sheets, internal system setups and more, advising them on who to go to when they have questions and making them feel comfortable in their new environment. One would think that being a Consultant Support Ambassador for a client with a smaller consultant base outside of Toronto would be a difficult job, but the FDM Consultant Support team always made sure that I had the proper resources to succeed. They provided me with a training course that helped me better understand my role and responsibilities as a Consultant Peer Support Ambassador. FDM makes a consistent effort to stay in touch with every consultant regularly regardless of where they are placed, and I always advise consultants to stay in touch with FDM to make sure they are aware of new tools and technologies that FDM has to offer.

As we cannot frequently visit FDM’s Toronto office, my fellow TD consultants have coffee chats every six months. This is a great opportunity for all FDMers in London to expand our professional network, get to know each other and address any concerns or questions. I remember how useful it was to have an Ambassador on-site for advice and guidance, especially during my first few months on-site. The CPS Ambassador initiative is great at helping new consultants settle more quickly in their work environment and I am glad that I am part of it, giving back to a community that helped me so much.

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