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Personal Branding Masterclass

Paul Brown
04.04.2017 Published: 04.04.17, Modified: 04.04.2017 00:04:00

Branding is anything that reminds us of something it could be a slogan, a symbol, an emotion or a style. Developing your personal brand is creating an asset that is uniquely distinguishable from others and makes you stand out from the crowd. In an increasingly competitive graduate market, creating and maintaining a strong personal brand makes you more valuable and desirable to employers, thereby opening up professional opportunities.

1. Be yourself/ be true to you

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Of course you should develop your positive attributes and work on any negative habits but ultimately your personal brand should be authentic. By trusting your own instincts and by being your unique self, your real passions will show through and produce the most powerful personal brand.

2.Your brand is continuously evolving

People reinvent themselves all the time. People make changes to their personal brand for a multitude of reasons; to take on a new challenge such as a promotion, to change career path or to rebut perceptions that have hindered their career progression. Decide on how you want to be seen, alter your actions accordingly and perceptions will change.

3. Act as if you are in the role you want to be in

If you are hoping for a promotion, act the way that someone in that role would act before you have the job. People are more likely to be able to see you in that role in the future. This could include looking the part. Dress and act like you have the role and others will see you are worthy for the promotion.

4. Have a 30 second elevator pitch

A 30 second elevator pitch explains who you are, what you do, where you want to go in your career, and why you would be the perfect candidate. This is a powerful weapon and you should be ready to use it in any occasion be it at a job interview, in the pub or if you step into the lift with your potential future employer!

5. Promote your Personal Brand Through Networking

Networking is vital. Always be networking – go to careers fairs and relevant conferences or meetups. When meeting people, assume everyone is important and treat them accordingly. Remember to listen, find out about them and what they have to offer. You never know what opportunities people might have for you.

At professional networking events, be prepared with a business card, a pen and a CV in your bag/pocket in case anyone asks for it. If you meet someone useful, get their contact details and follow up the next day with an email to tell them it was great meeting them. They will be more likely to remember you if an opportunity comes up in the future.

In summary, define how you want to be seen, work on it and get your brand out there.

Updated 17 May 2019

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