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SAP partners with FDM Group to close tech skills gap in UK

Preeta Ghoshal

Publication: IT Brief 

Published: 14 December, 2023

Enterprise application software provider SAP has announced a partnership with FTSE 250 firm FDM Group in an initiative to train the next generation of accredited tech consultants and address the widening digital skills gap. 

This collaboration arrives in response to a significant strain on talent pipelines, with the SAP EMEA cloud services market expanding by almost 50% annually, contrasting with organic partner capacity growth at just 20% per year. 

FDM provides training to equip individuals with relevant technical skills and commercial experience. With flexible contract terms, FDM provides scalable resources at short notice across multiple client sites. 

As a countermeasure to the increasing demand for SAP skills, FDM will provide training to new talent entering the market. To achieve this, the company plans to address the lack of skilled SAP talent and work with SAP’s customers and delivery partners to place qualified candidates in suitable positions. In doing so, the company aims to support these networks effectively while meeting the increased demand for certified SAP consultants. 

To ensure the formation of highly skilled and savvy tech consultants, the training will concentrate on SAP S/4 HANA, SuccessFactors and SAP Business Technology platforms. According to the officials behind the collaboration, FDM’s talent pipeline will play a vital role in securing the next generation of consultants to carry forward SAP’s future projects. 

Andy Brown, Chief Commercial Officer at FDM, underscored the significance of their collaboration with SAP. FDM Group is recognised for staying at the forefront of evolving and highly sought-after technologies while providing its customers with the right talent in the right locations. 

Emphasising their commitment to diversity and progress, especially as a top 50 UK firm for Social Mobility, Brown expressed excitement about working with SAP to bring in a dynamic, diverse, and forward-thinking workforce to contribute to SAP’s global ecosystem. 

Andy Brown said, ”FDM Group is known for leading the way in adapting to ever-changing and high in-demand technologies, while supporting their customers with the right talent in the right place.” 

“As a top 50 UK firm for Social Mobility, diversity and progress is at the heart of our strategy, and we are excited to be working with SAP to help introduce a dynamic, diverse and forward-thinking workforce into the SAP’s global ecosystem.” 

Peter Matejka, part of the SAP Partner Talent Initiative, agreed with the collaboration. He highlighted the value in combining FDM’s academy programs with SAP Partner Talent Initiative boot camps, seeing it as an excellent opportunity for customers and partners worldwide. This collaboration provides a cost-effective means to access a diverse talent pipeline, benefiting organisations seeking skilled professionals in the SAP ecosystem. 

“Combining FDM’s academy programmes with SAP Partner Talent Initiative bootcamps offers an outstanding opportunity for our customers and partners globally to access a pipeline of diverse talent in a cost-effective way,” Peter Matejka said.  

The recent partnership between FDM and SAP follows FDM’s collaboration with the professional body ISACA, a strategic move which amplified its cybersecurity service credentials.