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Why We Love Working in Tech – Views From the FDM Australia Female Workforce

Paul Brown
21.09.2018 Published: 21.09.18, Modified: 21.09.2018 00:09:44

At FDM, we pride ourselves in being about people; we create and inspire exciting careers that shape our digital future. We are committed to supporting and encouraging women to pursue a career in IT and to break the executive barriers. The technology sector has many opportunities for women, and in this blog, we hear from some of our female consultants and trainees in Australia and find out why they love working in tech.

Anna Grimberg
KPMG Australian Services Pty Ltd

Technology allows us to bend the rules of the physical world. I love working in technology because I get to create new things in such a fluid workspace. I currently work in data migration which is all about moving data from A to B but how you get it there is entirely up to you. Can you correct it to mean what was intended? Can you transform it to mean something more? How can it be moved efficiently? Working in technology enables me to answer these challenging questions and get paid for it! My advice to anyone looking to start a career in tech is to be strong and believe in yourself. You can do it, go get it!

Alexandra Billines
Technology Manager
Financial Institution

As a mathematics graduate, I never thought I would have a career in technology. However, I have had so many amazing experiences that stemmed from just an interest in IT and being eager to learn. Over the four years I have been with FDM, I have worked within a variety of teams across the IT industry including Risk Analytics, Trading and Transaction Banking. Working in technology has not only given me the opportunity to live and work across the world (London, Hong Kong and now Melbourne) but most importantly has taught me that my career is all about the journey and is not a path set in stone. I have met lots of people from different cultures who have helped me to grow both professionally and personally. The highlight of my tech career so far has been being a valuable part of the Technology Banking team during agile transformation across the entire bank (new ways of working).

Vanessa Liang
Technical Trainee

Prior to joining FDM’s Software Development program I was working as a front-end developer in a start-up in Guang Zhou, China. I was working on transforming data and integrating software from the client so that it could be used for a website. During this period, I found myself enjoying the problem-solving aspects of the job and seeing the customer satisfied made me proud of my work. This in turn made me want to pursue a career in IT where I could not only continue this and improve my technical abilities as well as further develop as an individual. Now I am happily learning under the guidance of FDM and striving for self-improvement.

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Featured image credit: Photo by Emma Dau on Unsplash