Giving back

Our Charity Partners

FDM strongly values giving back to our community. Working together towards a philanthropic cause helps to give perspective and unity to us as an organisation. We participate in a number of charity events, campaigns and initiatives every year at both at the regional and international level.

We are particularly proud to support our UK charity partners Changing Faces and Walking with the Wounded; helping to raise awareness and fundraise for causes that align with our initiatives.

Changing Faces

FDM believe in the importance and value of giving back to their community. We aim to unite our organisation through participating in as many charity events, campaigns and initiatives as possible – on both a regional and international level.

We are proud to have recently partnered with Changing Faces, a charity that aims to end appearance-related discrimination.

“We are delighted that Changing Faces has been chosen as FDM Group’s charity partner. Nearly one in five people in the UK self-identify as having a visible difference, and our research shows that they are often vulnerable to isolation, loneliness, social anxiety and low self-esteem – facing significant disadvantage in all areas of their lives; from access to education and getting jobs, to receiving the healthcare they need.

“Our partnership signifies a real commitment to better represent and support people with visible differences, so they feel seen, heard, and celebrated in the workplace and across wider society. Together, we will create a culture at FDM Group that values people for who they are, rather than judging them for how they look – leading the way for other businesses and brands to follow suit.”
– Heather Blake, Changing Faces CEO

Walking with The Wounded

a group shot of f.d.m. employees waving at the finish line of a Walking with the Wounded charity race

Walking with the Wounded offers assistance to service leavers who have been physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged by their service and assists them in maintaining their independence outside of the military. FDM sponsors and takes part in numerous fundraising events throughout the year including Walking with the Wounded’s annual Cumbrian Challenge and Walking Home For Christmas.

“FDM have shown their continued commitment to the Armed Forces covenant and their work with ex forces by turning up in numbers at our Cumbrian Challenge each year with bag loads of enthusiasm and good cheer. Their ongoing commitment has raised more than £30k to date to support the men and women for whom transition out of the military is not easy and who struggle with mental health issues, become unemployed, homeless or caught up in police custody.”
– Ed Parker, Founder Walking With The Wounded

“The Cumbrian Challenge – what a singularly great event. Well organised, a real challenge and such good fun, all achieved to the backdrop of supporting a very worthwhile cause – what could be better and to top it all, despite my old knees, the younger members of our team dragged me round and we won the Peak Route Challenge – hurrah”

Stewart Sharman

If you would like to know more about the work we do with charities, or if you’re interested in forming a partnership with us please get in touch.