Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

FDM Group publishes its annual Gender Pay Gap report

The past year has been a challenging and unpredictable journey for most companies. Over the 30 years that FDM Group has been in business, we have faced many challenges but none quite like Covid-19. 

As we cautiously emerge from the pandemic, it’s never been more crucial to strengthen and re-affirm our commitment to gender equality in the workplace. 

Over the past 12 months, we have continued to provide mentorship and networking opportunities, and held workshops focused on attracting female talent. 

We have also continued to invest heavily in employee well-being and offered support to those with caring responsibilities. 

As a result, we’ve seen growth of our Returners Programme and increase in Senior Consultant numbers, both of which have high female representation. We’ve never been prouder of our Gender Pay Gap results. 

Gender Pay Gap report figures 2021

Read our Gender Pay Gap report for a closer look at our figures and to learn more about:

  • Our initiatives to address the gender pay gap
  • Our work with the industry and universities to promote gender equality
  • How our Returner’s Programme support those looking to re-join the workplace
  • Our Diversity & Inclusion figures from our 2020 Consultant Intake
  • How we nurture and retain talent at FDM Group