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3 Things I Didn’t Expect to Learn at My Internship

Paul Brown
28.04.2017 Published: 28.04.17, Modified: 28.04.2017 00:04:00

Over the course of my internship at FDM, I gained a lot of insight and valuable knowledge as I was able to use my pre-existing skills and experiences in my work. Here are just a few of the things I learned during my time with FDM that I did not expect when coming into it.

1.Excel and SQL

When I wasn’t helping internal departments, I was given the opportunity to attend some of the training courses taught at FDM. I chose to participate in the Excel and SQL courses. It was a really positive learning experience that I am truly grateful for. The technical skills that I learned will be highly beneficial to me in my future career.

2. Interview Skills

On Interview Days held at the Academy I was able to sit in on the candidate interview stage with Account Managers and observe the process. Hearing the Account Managers’ feedback was very valuable because it provided me with great tips on how to interview better and how to make a lasting impression on interviews I will go on in the future.

3. Event Planning

During my internship, I worked with the marketing team to help plan and execute events for the Toronto Academy. I learned that event planning involves a lot of moving parts. You have to gain cooperation from other relevant departments, confirm that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and have backup plans in case something falls through last-minute. Most importantly, I learned to devote time and attention to detail to ensure that if something does go wrong, you can work around it for a successful outcome.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at FDM and will miss the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I know my experience here will serve me well in my career and I am looking forward to what the future holds!

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Updated 28 April, 2017