I am Brodie, I am an Associate Scrum Master, I am FDM

Paul Brown
11.04.2017 Published: 11.04.17, Modified: 11.04.2017 00:04:00

Brodie was one of the first graduates to qualify as a SCRUM Master and has recently been placed at Sky.  She tells us about her career journey so far and how FDM has helped kick-start her IT career.

I attended Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and graduated with a 2:1 in Business Management. I wasn’t entirely sure what industry or job I wanted to do  upon leaving university although I knew I wanted to move away from Aberdeen and had always fancied working in the IT sector. FDM appealed to me for a number of reasons; firstly, having no prior IT experience, the full training FDM provided was really attractive to me. Secondly, the opportunity to work for a variety of top tier clients, in roles not normally accessible to new graduates really caught my eye.

I trained in the Glasgow Academy, in the BA/PSO stream. I enjoyed the training every stream does the same first four weeks which gave me an understanding of these more technical modules. I was actually surprised to find I really enjoyed these technical aspects! The trainers are all helpful industry professionals and the group I trained with were a fun, hardworking group which also helped make the training more enjoyable.

I’ve been placed as an Associate Scrum Master at Sky. A Scrum Master works with a software development team trying to manage business issues as well as other admin and organisation tasks so the team can concentrate on development.

This role gives me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and my team work on multiple projects simultaneously. It’s exciting because it’s very fast paced and there are multiple projects being developed at any given time.

My favourite part of the role is the opportunity to speak to lots of different people, both in and outside my team. I The variety of work  is interesting and  the fast paced nature of the role is something I  thoroughly enjoy as it keep me constantly engaged. In addition to this, the actual day-to-day tasks involved in the role are varied, from attending meetings to ensuring the team are organised. This is something I enjoy.

I would definitely recommend FDM to others. I have discussed this with other FDM Consultants and we all agree; we wouldn’t be working in our roles with such prominent companies without FDM. Overall, I think FDM is a great opportunity for graduates looking to get in to IT with sector leading companies.

Updated 11 April, 2017