The Rewards of Joining the FDM Mentorship Program

Paul Brown
19.05.2022 Published: 19.05.22, Modified: 19.05.2022 09:05:20

We are always looking for ways to improve the FDM Consultant experience and raise awareness of careers in tech.

So, we created the FDM Mentoring Program to further upskill our consultants who are keen to give back to university communities and inspire more students to pursue exciting tech careers.

From strength to strength – Lawrence’s story

2015 saw the introduction of the program within the UK and, in 2021, we announced the pilot of our first Mentoring Training Program in Australia.

Now, with the program further down the track, we spoke to Lawrence Ma, another consultant who went through the training. Lawrence is a software developer currently at an ASX listed insurance company working on a Sydney client’s customer relationship management system.

Lawrence gained his Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne where he majored in Data Science. During his studies he worked as a mathematics tutor – a natural candidate for mentorship!

Why did you decide to join FDM?

Coming out of University, I saw FDM as a great way to start my career. Having the opportunity to be placed with FDM’s numerous clients within the technology and financial industry was an aspect I found really attractive. Moreover, the training allowed me to hone my technical skills and give me an insight into what it’s like to work in a large organisation. It was really great to see how I could apply the theoretical knowledge I gained at university into a more practical setting.

What projects have you worked on that you have found particularly interesting?

I have worked on a variety of projects whilst on my placement. Some of these have included general software development, database script writing and infrastructure maintenance. In particular, I have really enjoyed software development. It’s been really rewarding to see how changes we make can improve the experience of our users.

What impact has FDM had on your career and personal development so far?

FDM has had a great positive impact both in terms of my personal life and career. Professionally, it’s been a massive switch going from life in the educational system to industry. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of adapting to a new environment and learning new skills on the fly. Personally, there was also a big change as I moved from Melbourne to Sydney for my placement. Whilst moving out of home into a new city by myself was daunting and challenging, I believe that I have grown a lot from the experience and am grateful for the opportunity.

Why did you decide to become an FDM Mentor for university students?

Whilst working as a tutor, I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experiences with my younger clients. The spark in their eyes when concepts finally clicked was something I found really satisfying. I felt that becoming an FDM Mentor could be a great way to relive those experiences whilst also passing my experiences to the next generation of graduates.

How did you find the FDM Mentoring Training?

I have found the FDM Mentoring Training very helpful and practical. Whilst geared towards mentoring, I can see how I could apply the skills I learnt to other situations within my life. I believed that overall, the training provided me with advice on how to communicate my ideas more clearly and get more out of the sessions I ran.

Describe your experience with the mentoring program so far?

The experience in the mentoring program was really rewarding. I have really enjoyed sharing my experiences, missteps and advice to my mentee Gabriella. She was always clear about what she wanted out of every session and very responsive which made running the sessions effortless. I hope she got as much out of the program as I did.

Interested in joining our FDM Consultant Mentor Program?

Our aim is to have a wider pool of FDM consultants who are interested in sharing their experiences through one-on-one mentoring with students from our partnered universities.

We are looking for passionate FDM consultants with a desire to help and develop undergraduates as they navigate their study and launch careers in tech.

Are you able to commit a little of your personal time to this exciting program? As an FDM consultant mentor, you will receive training and support from FDM which will enable you to share your experience and insights confidently and upskill you professionally.

Training is provided over 3, 1-hour modules and will help you:

If you’re interested in taking part – please reach out to a member of the Recruitment Team.

FDM is committed to trainees’ success and wellbeing

The Mentor Program, upskilling and empowering our consultants to inspire the next generation of tech talent, is just one of the ways that FDM supports graduates on every step of their journey.

We have a wide range of support and engagement initiatives focusing on 5 key themes; In-Touch, Thriving, Aspiring, Growing and Community, with diversity and inclusion integrated throughout all we do.

Kick-start your own tech career with award-winning training and industry-leading support – find out more or apply for The FDM Graduate Program here.