FDM Group Selected for UK Government’s G-Cloud 7 Programme

Paul Brown
03.12.2015 Published: 03.12.15, Modified: 03.12.2015 00:12:00

Once again, FDM Group is delighted to have been selected, as a supplier, for the UK Government’s G-Cloud programme. This selection eases the procurement of FDM’s services by all public sector bodies in  Government.

The G-Cloud programme founded in 2012, makes it simple for government departments and organisations to locate the IT services they need. It serves as a digital marketplace streamlining all agreements of service between the companies selected for the programme and the government organisations. The G-Cloud Programme essentially simplifies the process of tendering relationships between suppliers and government bodies making for a mutually beneficial partnership.

For FDM Group, this means that our services will be readily available for all government bodies.

“FDM has been successfully accepted onto the G-Cloud 7 and therefore will continue to deliver services across the public sector in the UK,” said Oliver Hester of FDM. “There are currently a number of exciting opportunities open within this client base for our Ex-Forces and graduate resource pool, to support a number of digital and agile delivery teams.”

With FDM’s Ex-Forces Programme reaching its 100th placement last month, it is an exciting time to be included on the framework. FDM are producing more Consultants every month and  continue to provide top level business and IT support services for our clients.

Featured image credit: Photo by Rawpixel on Pixabay

Updated 3 December, 2015