From Sydney to London: My First Month in Recruitment

Paul Brown
30.10.2017 Published: 30.10.17, Modified: 30.10.2017 04:10:35

FDM Recruitment Consultant Will Rayner moved from Sydney to London to join the UK Recruitment Team in September. Having moved half way around the world to learn more about FDM, he shares his experiences during his first month with us.

Moving to the UK to join FDM was both exciting and nerve-racking, but the opportunity to move to London, launch my professional career and experience a brand new city – I didn’t need to think twice.

I grew up in a small rural town in New South Wales called Bowral and moved to Sydney at the age of 13 to attend boarding school. I continued my studies with a Bachelor of Economics and Finance at the University of Sydney where I graduated in June 2017.

The opportunity to work at FDM came about during a three month stay in Hong Kong where I met James Tuttiett, FDM APAC and Australia Manager and Joe McLaren, FDM Account Manager, whilst playing rugby and completing an internship. With the development of FDM in Australia, the opportunity arose for me to join the recruitment team and spend the first 12 months in London, then transition back to Sydney.

I arrived in London in mid-September to start my new role and I am now a month into my experience. As I begin to settle into London life, I’ve never once doubted whether relocating was the right decision for me. My colleagues at FDM have been more than welcoming and it honestly doesn’t feel like I am half-way around the world. I could easily be a stone’s throw away from Bowral.

As a Recruitment Consultant for the UK and Australia, I am learning about FDM’s business model and the unique and valued opportunities and services provided for graduates, returners, ex-forces and clients around the world. Recruitment provides me with the opportunity to learn the operations of FDM and use this foundation to later transfer to Sydney to help FDM further establish its presence throughout the APAC region, specifically in Australia.

The opportunity to travel throughout the UK has been great. To attend recruitment fairs and university events from Southampton to Leeds and Glasgow has been an added bonus. Seeing FDM operations across the UK has been really interesting and I have had the chance to fit in some sight-seeing along the way!

I am looking forward to continuing my career with FDM and experiencing all that there is to offer in London over the coming months.