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How to Return to Work in Toronto

Paul Brown

Career breaks can be tough. You take a moment and step away from your career to develop new skills or spend time raising your family or travel to different cultures and it is far too often seen as a red flag on your resume. Your time away from work may have been important to you and helped you grow, but employers sometimes don’t see it that way.

In our Toronto office, FDM is proud to announce that we are launching our Getting Back to Business Program, a “return to work” program aimed specifically at helping people who have taken a career break. While these types of programs have grown in popularity in the UK, they still are relatively unknown on this side of the Atlantic.

It may seem crazy to think that someone who has spent some time in the business world already wouldn’t be able to easily step back in after a career break, but the truth is it can be tough. Here are some of the most difficult obstacles a returner needs to overcome before getting back to business:

The Resume Gap

Having more than a year without any work experience can be seen as a negative. Employers and hiring managers will look at the gap and wonder ‘why’? What was going on during that time period?

The truth is, that time away from work is often one of the most important pieces of a candidate’s career journey. You need to remind yourself why you took that time off and how you have become a stronger person for it. In FDM’s Getting Back to Business Program, we teach you how to turn your career gap “weakness” into one of your strengths.

Don’t Know New Technologies

It is the 21st century and technologies change in the blink of an eye. What was commonly used two or three years ago may be seen as ancient now. Similarly, what is popular today probably looks nonsensical to you.

This is another common problem that FDM helps resolve. When you join the Getting Back to Business Program, you’re not just thrown into the deep end, being expectied to know about everything you’ve missed in the past few years. FDM provides training, suited to your needs to put you in a position to consult for one of our blue chip clients.

A Lack of Confidence

Change is difficult. People get used to their routine and switching it up can seem scary and intimidating. If you want to return to work and you’re feeling like this, you’re not alone. Many people who want to return to work do not even try because they think that it is too hard or that it has been too long – that they cannot do the job anymore.

At FDM, we remind you how awesome you are. The program in place is designed to set you up with the skills to return to the workforce confident in yourself and capabilities. We build you up to be the best that you can be.


If you’ve taken a career break and are thinking about returning to work, FDM’s Getting Back to Business Program is for you. Apply for the program today online.

Featured image credit: Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash