I am Finn, I am an IT Business Analyst, I am FDM

Paul Brown
12.05.2017 Published: 12.05.17, Modified: 12.05.2017 00:05:00

I’m Finn and I am an IT Business Analyst at HSBC in Hong Kong. I work within the BOSS team at HSBC, which is a global initiative aimed at creating a revenue stream from the middle and back office, a new concept in Global Markets.

I joined FDM as I was looking for a change in both industry and geography. Previously having worked as a financial consultant, I had seen the potential of complex technologies being used by multinational companies. This represented a growth market that I wanted to be a part of. Having studied in China, I also wanted to return to the region. However, with minimal experience, it was very difficult to get any traction from halfway across the world.

After completing part one of my International Business Masters in Shanghai and part two in Dubai and London, I graduated and started working in London for a tech company. However, I knew I wanted to return to Asia and that’s when I found out about FDM and their international opportunities.

I completed the PMO/Business Analyst FDM course in Scotland, where I learned the basic skills needed to be able to make an instant impact in the technology sector. During my training I was able to leverage FDMs’ presence in Asia to secure a placement at HSBC in Hong Kong. The role was quite technical – the first 6 months represented a steep learning curve and exactly the kind of challenge I was looking for. I am now a year into my placement, and I can confidently say that the role has pushed me to understand the financial services industry at a very detailed level where I am implementing cutting edge industry standard technologies for the biggest bank in the world (outside mainland China).

Getting the opportunity to move to Hong Kong has been an amazing experience. The city is beautiful, vibrant, and FDM provides the base support system that would usually take an expat some years to acquire. The FDM presence in HSBC has also meant that I was able to build an instant connection with some of my new colleagues, while a built in support system helped me to navigate the first few weeks of being in a new job, working in a new industry and living on anew continent!

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Updated 12 May, 2017