I am Michael, I’m a Production Support Consultant, I am FDM

Paul Brown
15.02.2017 Published: 15.02.17, Modified: 15.02.2017 00:02:00

My name is Michael Tavengwa and I am a Production Support Consultant at Societe Generale in Hong Kong.

I am originally from Zimbabwe but I’ve spent more than half of my life abroad. I have lived in Botswana, South Africa and Qatar before moving to Hong Kong.

There are a lot of factors that motivated my decision to move to Hong Kong; the most significant was that Hong Kong is one of the world’s main trading and financial hubs. I believed Hong Kong’s strategic position would provide me with countless career opportunities as well as global exposure. I’m happy I get to call this place home.

Before joining FDM I studied for a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering from City University of Hong Kong. However, after graduating I had found that having a Mechatronics degree made it fairly difficult to break into the IT industry. A university friend, who is currently placed at HSBC, recommended FDM to me. I chose to join FDM as I wanted to steer my career towards the IT industry and FDM offered me valuable training and the chance to build upon my existing skills and knowledge. Joining FDM has given me the opportunity to start my career at a reputable corporation for which I am thankful for.

I am currently placed at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking as a Production Support Analyst. I have been here for two months and have found it an amazing learning experience full of meaningful challenges. It was a great fit for me because I love working with technology and enjoy interacting with people. What I have learnt throughout my experience is to be patient, pro-active and work smart.

Hong Kong is a very dynamic and diverse city filled with lots of activities to keep me entertained. Being here has given me the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people from all over the world with different views and goals to me. There are countless opportunities to travel around Asia, learn about different cultures and enjoy the food and activities. In my spare time I love playing basketball, sightseeing and building underwater robots.


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