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Life After the Armed Forces: Neville Kershaw

Paul Brown
29.06.2018 Published: 29.06.18, Modified: 29.06.2018 15:06:57

With courses in IT, business and project management, FDM transforms the careers of former service men and women to bridge the gap between a life in the forces into a new stream of employment. This week marks Armed Forces week, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate our Ex-Forces team. We sat down with Neville Kershaw who is based in London to learn about his time in the Armed Forces and how he started a new career in the corporate world.

After nearly eight rewarding years in the Royal Navy, I felt it was time for me to move onto a different challenge. Being a Submariner and learning how a Nuclear Reactor worked, I knew that I could learn whatever I put my mind to. So, marrying an interest in technology with the skills I gained throughout training in my Naval career, I decided to become a Project Manager in the IT Industry.

I spoke to several companies who were all impressed with my background and what I had achieved, yet I didn’t receive any job offers. I didn’t know how to sell myself in person, or on my CV, having never needed to do this before and so I found the experience difficult. After speaking to the White Ensign Association and telling them my requirements and desires I was put in touch with FDM. I attended the FDM Ex-Forces Insight Day which was really helpful; I felt that not only could the team help, but that they genuinely wanted to.

After successfully passing the Ex-Forces Advanced Course Assessment, I was asked what sort of role I would like and where I would like to work. With six weeks of Project Management training along with the Coaching and Mentoring from FDM, I was confident that not only would I be able to place with a client, but also do the job to a high standard.

On completion I was placed with a major financial client in London. The thought of working in such a different environment outside of the military was daunting and the learning curve has been steep. However, the fresh environment and the different way of working has already been fulfilling for me after just four months of placement. The transferable skills I gained from my time in the military has already been useful several times since my placement began.

FDM helped me bridge the gap between Military and civilian life. I was nervous about leaving but they helped me work on the skilled I needed, and offered confidence and security during this big change. Being part of FDM, I was also introduced to an array of exciting clients and of course, the opportunity to continue working with the Royal Navy Reserves.

For more information on how to begin transitioning into civilian life or for career opportunities after the Armed Forces, head to our apply page.