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My Transition to Civilian Life With FDM

Paul Brown
31.05.2018 Published: 31.05.18, Modified: 31.05.2018 12:05:10

During Josephine Tooze’s time in the RAF, she studied towards a degree in Natural Sciences with the Open University, which brought her to our Ex-Forces Programme.

When did you decide to change careers?

My contract with the RAF expired after nine years and I decided to join the University of Bristol to start a BSc in Geology. I originally intended to use my degree to begin a career in the mining industry, but due to other commitments, I couldn’t move overseas. Looking back at my career in the RAF, I realised I had a strong leadership qualities and I enjoyed taking on challenges. That is when I discovered that working in Project Management was the right role for me.

How did you come to discover FDM Group?

Despite numerous application submissions and agency enquiries, I didn’t get further than the first step of the interview process. I decided to ask for feedback where I was told that I did not have the relevant work experience in order to progress to the next level of selection. I went on to attend various networking events and that’s when I was contacted by Danielle Sandy at FDM Group, which began to look like the solution to my problem.

I attended my first insight day with FDM last December and I returned two weeks later to sit an assessment day. Earlier this year I enrolled on the Ex-Forces Advanced Course which helped me get to grips with a Project Management qualification as well as building skills such as CV writing, elevator pitches and interview techniques. Building my confidence was the first step I needed in order to further my career.

How did you enjoy being onsite?

I spent the first few weeks in a development team which was a great chance to build relationships and to speak to colleagues that have been in the business for many years. The role had its challenging days but it was very different from what I expected. I had to learn to step back and use a much less hands on leadership approach than I used in the past. I adapted to the new Scrum framework used on the course, which was a change of pace from being in the military.

Joining FDM has helped me…

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