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Unlocking talent: University partnerships and 100 hires 

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Are learning opportunities the key to Gen Z talent retention?

Gen Z are taking over the workforce, bringing with them new working styles and workplace…

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Women in leadership: Overcoming hidden gender barriers

We explore the challenges women in leadership face in today’s professional landscape, despite the tremendous…


10 top skills to look for when hiring an apprentice

The apprentice market is filled with talent who are often overlooked when up against candidates…

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How the motherhood penalty is widening the gender pay gap

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The motherhood penalty: nearly 40% of women leave tech 

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Addressing the Gen Z skills gap

Despite being considered ‘digital natives’, Gen Z feels unprepared for the demands of their working…

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How to manage your apprentices & support their success

Embarking on an apprenticeship journey is a transformative experience for both individuals and organisations. As…

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What is an Employee Resource Group and Why Do They Matter?

Does your organisation have an Employee Research Group? According to McKinsey, 90% of Fortune 500…

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SAP partners with FDM Group to close tech skills gap in UK