Veteran Career Stories: Jason Webdale

Paul Brown
23.04.2019 Published: 23.04.19, Modified: 23.04.2019 16:04:37

U.S. Army Veteran Jason Webdale completed his service in 2012. We chatted with him about how FDM helped him transition from a veteran graduate to a corporate professional, and how his military experience combined with FDM’s training helped him land a role in the bustling city of Manhattan.

When I left the U.S Army, I did not know what to expect and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life as a civilian. Like most young soldiers whose service comes to an end, I experienced a huge culture shock. I was worried about my ability to succeed as I had not been a student in a long time.

It can be challenging to remain disciplined throughout the transition from the military to the corporate world. The biggest obstacle I faced in my first few months as a civilian was remembering how to take direction from myself. It took some time to learn how to self-evaluate and give myself my own tasks and directions. My biggest advice to transitioning veterans would be to make a conscious effort to keep your discipline; it will help ten-fold in any challenge you will face in the civilian world.

After graduating from the University of Buffalo in 2018, regardless of my dedication and discipline, I still had no job prospects. A peer of mine told me he was in his final interview stage with FDM. I started looking into the company and discovered FDM’s Veterans Initiative. I connected with an FDM recruiter who was very easy to work with, I could tell that he cared about being transparent with me, and I am glad that I trusted him to steer me in the right direction.

I completed my training at the Reston FDM Academy under the ITSM stream. My training class was very close, and I still talk to most of the people that I studied with since I accepted my FDM job offer.

Being a part of FDM helped me learn and master valuable tools such as SQL and Excel. Additionally, this experience offered a chance to explore other cities, while putting me on a fast track towards my dream career. FDM also assisted me with resume building, strengthening interview skills and also providing a way to enter the corporate work environment. Many do not get the opportunity to achieve this without prior corporate experience.

I would describe the culture at FDM as friendly and fast-paced. The trainers and staff at FDM Reston were very caring, especially in terms of making sure that I understood the material. They also did a great job of making sure we made the most of our time in Reston by suggesting nearby lunch favorites and activities to do when off work. Despite the course material being fast-paced, trainers made sure we stayed on track with lessons and assignments.

To anybody who is leaving the military, recently graduated from university, having trouble getting a full-time role or isn’t sure what they’d like to do, I would sincerely recommend FDM. The main reason I chose FDM was due to the fact that they could help me get my foot in the door with companies that I would not have been able to get an interview with otherwise.

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