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Why I Chose a Career in Business Intelligence

Paul Brown
16.07.2019 Published: 16.07.19, Modified: 16.07.2019 11:07:47

Over the years, we have seen thousands of individuals pass through our world-wide FDM academies and go on to lead exciting careers in technology. We caught up with Alexander Halliday, an FDM consultant who trained in Business Intelligence and is currently working with a major bank in Switzerland. Providing an insight into his experience on FDM’s award-winning Graduate Programme, Alexander shares his journey so far.

What made you apply to FDM and choose the Business Intelligence stream?

As my postgraduate studies were coming to an end, I began to job-hunt and started to send out many applications, in the hope of getting interviews for some of them. I applied to FDM and received a call the next day (which caught me by surprise but demonstrated FDM’s interest in my application). My recruiter provided me with further information about each stream and upon reading it through, I felt more drawn towards Business Intelligence because it seems most related to my studies, particularly the aspects of data analysis and strategic forecasting.

How did you find your training period at FDM?

Prior to joining FDM, I had no background in the world of tech, so I was captivated by what we were learning, including coding languages like SQL, UNIX and HTML5/CSS. I enjoyed taking on a variety of challenges because it helped me grow and understand my strengths and areas I could improve on.

Tell us about your current placement.

My Account Manager and trainers, along with the interview process, informed me that the role would be a steep learning curve because of the need to know both the business and the technological platforms supporting the business. But just like my training period at FDM, I have enjoyed the challenge and it has been a great experience. This role allowed me to learn about financial services and products, as well as the applications that the company uses. In addition, my colleagues have been very helpful in training and welcoming me.

How was your experience re-locating abroad?

I have previously lived in four countries over two years for my studies, so re-locating was not a difficult process for me. In addition, having lived in Germany made the move to Switzerland easier, due to the common language and similar culture. FDM helped immensely by providing accommodation for me for the first month so that I could use the time looking for somewhere more permanent. Moreover, the HR team and my Account Manager were, and still are, equally helpful in providing information regarding living in Switzerland.

 What advice would you give someone looking to enter the world of tech?

My advice to someone looking to enter the world of tech, be it via FDM or not, would be to have an open mind and open to grasping new opportunities. Technology is constantly changing, so adaptability is crucial to keep up with it. As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, now is the best time to start a career within the industry.

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