We are joining forces to help our clients build the next generation of tech
talent across a range of industries and applicable to all types of roles

FDM is an Approved Training Partner and a Workforce Development Partner to world’s leading technology providers

We make sure that our clients can scale at speed by providing a seamless onboarding and performance management process.

Workforce Development & Learn Career Connected Partner

Workforce Development & Trailhead Academy Authorised Learning Partner

Placement & Authorised Training Partner

AWS Approved Training Partner & AWS reStart Collaboration

Education Partner

Workforce Development Partner

We collaborate with our partners to create net new talent across specialist skills.

Cloud Platforms

Data Analytics Technology

CRM/BPM Platforms

Intelligence and Automation

ERP Platforms

Data Governance Platforms

Robotic Process Automation

Data Cloud Platforms

Insurance Solutions Platform

Digital Process Automation

Intelligent Data Cloud Platforms

GRC Platforms