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Graduate Careers

Life at FDM

How It Works

FDM’s Careers Programme bridges the gap between academia and the commercial world for graduates like you.

  • Apply to the FDM Graduate Careers Programme
  • Train in IT and business specialties in one of our award-winning academies
  • Work on-site with prestigious industry-leading clients, gaining hands-on commercial experience
  • Excel as you set yourself on a meaningful career path – the sky’s the limit!


We equip you with:

  • IT and business training from industry experts
  • 2+ years of hands-on commercial experience
  • A foot in the door with one or more of our prestigious clients
  • Exposure to dynamic working environments
  • Ongoing career support and professional development



Supporting Your Progression

FDM has a number of programmes in place to continuously support and engage with our people.

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Consultant Peer Support (CPS) Programme

The CPS Programme ensures that when a new consultant is placed onsite, they are connected with a more senior FDM consultant already working with that client to help ease their transition. These CPS ambassadors provide the guidance needed to help new consultants get settled, connect with fellow FDMers in the area and prepare for their new roles onsite.

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Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme brings together individuals at all levels of their career journey, from management to new starters. It provides you with the opportunity to build relationships and network within FDM’s wider community by linking our consultants, alumni, trainees, internal staff and clients together.

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Employee Assistance and Mental Health First Aid

We provide a 24-hour confidential employee assistance helpline. The service provides guidance in many aspects of life including financial, relationship, addictions and mental health. FDM’s Wellbeing initiative also includes access to over 30 mental health first aiders throughout our UK centres.

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Alumni Network

FDM has launched the careers of thousands of people who make up our alumni network of talented individuals. We regularly interact and engage with our alumni community, giving past and present FDMers a network from which to build relationships, learn from others and explore opportunities with people who have had similar career experiences.

Career Opportunities


*Applications for our business programmes are currently paused. Register your interest and we will notify you as soon as they reopen:

Register your interest

Selection and Recruitment

Essential Criteria

  • Educated to degree level
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Eligible to work in the UK/EU
  • Possess some technical knowledge or experience in IT or business
  • Demonstrate a passion for IT and business
  • Open to being geographically flexible within the UK
  • Able to support yourself financially during the training period
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Apply online

Simply submit your application and CV here to kickstart your FDM journey.

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Telephone interview

A member of the FDM recruitment team will call you to discuss the programme and your career goals. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask us any questions you might have and get a feel for FDM. Check out our top tips for a telephone interview.

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Video interview

During the video interview, we will ask you a few questions to find out more about you and your career goals. This can be completed from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You can find our top tips on how to ace this stage of the interview on our blog.

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Online tests

Here you will undertake numerical, verbal reasoning and IT aptitude tests to assess your skillsets so we can make sure you are aligned to a role that matches your strengths.

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Final stage interviews

This is your chance to meet the other graduates you could be training with and find out more about the programme. The interview will be a strength-based interview and will focus on your ability and potential rather than previous experience.


12/8/2010:30 – 11:30Big Data – What does it mean?
Book now

Date Time Event Title About Register
12/8/20 12:30 – 13:00 Lunch and Learn session: Big Data – Application in real life Book now
12/8/20 16:30 – 17:00 Final session: Big Data – Panellist Discussion Book now
13/8/20 10:00 – 11:00 VR & AR – View of the Future Book now
13/8/20 13:00 – 14:00 Lunch and Learn Session: VR & AR Concepts Book now
13/8/20 16:00 – 17:00 Final session: Let’s talk about VR & AR Book now
14/8/20 10:00 – 11:00 An Introduction to Robotics and AI Book now
14/8/20 12:30 – 14:00 Afternoon sessions Book now



Ready to join our Graduate Careers Programme? You can apply directly online here.

Still have questions? Reach out to us at [email protected] to talk to a recruiter and find out more.

Career Stories


Clare Evans, FDM Consultant

I wanted to get out of retail and out of shift work and being on my feet all day and wanted to go into something that actually used to my degree.

I quite like the FDM model of the training first and getting you confident in the classroom as it were, and then they send you out in the workplace rather than try to learn the job.

It can be quite frustrating job hunting on your own because you constantly apply for jobs and you maybe don’t hear back, whereas with FDM the Account Managers will pursue the roles and they’ll actually get proper feedback for you so that’s kind of a bit easier to cope with.

For the first placement I was placed at a large bank in Leeds and then when I came back to the Academy, I was there five weeks before I then got placed at another bank.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot of new skills and gained a good amount of experience that hopefully I can take forward into another placement or my next job.

You’ve got to be prepared to work hard and show interest in the subjects and obviously in the opportunities that the Account Managers are coming to you with but yeah, I’ll say it’s worth it in the long run.



Graduate 1

After I finished University, I went straight into work…

Graduate 2

…after my graduation I was working as a self-employed delivery driver…

Graduate 3

…just doing admin work, I used to do every summer, it’s just kind of a temporary job but while I was working there, I knew I had to prepare for my working life, for my career.

Graduate 4

I decided to put my CV upon a graduate website…

Graduate 2

…I applied for many jobs, but they never got back to me…

Graduate 3

…but as I quickly found out after two months of job searching it wasn’t quite as easy as I expected.

Graduate 5

I didn’t have anyone who would be willing to take the risk on me to train me up to become a developer until I found FDM…

Graduate 6

…so, I had to have a look at how to apply sent my CV in and a recruiter got in touch and sort of gave me more information about what they did…

Graduate 5

…this is the role we’ve got; this is the programme we’ve got, we want to train you up to be a software developer…

Graduate 6

…so, we started doing some training and I found that I was really enjoying what I did, especially because it seemed to be more in-depth than what I did at university.

Graduate 3


The trainers were all friendly always happy to help and every week we got to learn a new subject.

Graduate 5

I’ve had a support team behind me from FDM’s administrators, FDM’s course conveners; I’d ask someone “where do I need to be”, they tell me, they organise it I just need to show up.

Graduate 3

…and after four weeks in a client came to us and we had some interviews and they told me I’ve got placed. So, I was really happy about that, I was really surprised, I didn’t expect it to happen just that quick.

Graduate 1

FDM was a brilliant place to be. All of the senior members of staff are approachable and available for any questions I had.

Graduate 3

…I can’t wait to start.



Marcus Henricsson, FDM Consultant:

I joined the FDM Academy in October last year, we did our nine-week training there. I was placed at the department for education and in about six months I went from a project support to a project manager.

The reason why I started to pursue the career in PSO is because of a previous working experience. I was doing an internship where I was running a marketing PR campaign and it essentially covered the same point as a project which essentially made me go, well this is kind of interesting, so I want to keep on going with this.

The reason why I would recommend the FDM graduate programme is because it can get you into companies or industries you thought that maybe were out of reach as a lot of the clients FDM have are these top-tier companies not just in here in the UK, also internationally, it means that if you’re successful throughout the academy here, you can be successful like one of the clients.



Dami Ayo-Ariyo, FDM Consultant:

My current role is sort of as a technology consultant and what that is a hybrid between a technology support analyst within a second-line team as well as a project support analyst helping out with the project and end-user computing team.

I would recommend the FDM graduate programme because of the sheer options it gives you for your career. Opportunities to work with clients that you otherwise not have the opportunity to work with.

Personally, I’ve worked with three clients WorldPay, Sky Broadcasting and the Department for Education in a short space of two years.

On my own, I would not have been able to do this within a short period of time and I think FDM provided that great platform.



“It is great working in an environment where the systems and processes are constantly evolving to adapt with customer, regulatory or industry requirements. My day-to-day KYC responsibilities include reviewing account information, identifying ultimate beneficial ownership, sanctions and adverse media screening, performing gap analysis and escalating any risk elevating factors to the financial security team. I feel I have made a huge impact to the company.”

Deepanshu Nambiar, Due Diligence Officer, placed at BNP Paribas

“In my final year of university, I found myself very interested in both IT and finance. When I received an offer from FDM, I knew it was the right choice to make. During my time in the academy, I went through practical and intensive IT training courses. Additionally, I made good friends that I still catch-up with regularly. At UBS, my responsibilities are challenging but very rewarding. I work alongside my manager to oversee tech risk portfolios across 250+ apps under IB technology. Another highlight of my role is having the opportunity to work with five teams across the globe to prepare monthly risk reports for the UBS senior management team. I am excited to work with people around the world and learn from different scenarios every day. My manager is very supportive and truly cares about my experience at UBS, he invites me to events and provides me with a monthly career review. It is an honour to be selected as a Consultant of the Month winner, and it’s the best way to mark my first year at FDM.”

Ken Wong (APAC) , Tech Risk Management Analyst, placed at UBS

“My day-to-day role at Datacash involved the implementation of new functionality for a global payment gateway. This covered various stages in the lifecycle including design, implementation and release. Languages used included Java, Perl, SQL and some shell scripting for server side development, as well as client-side web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript etc.). My experience on site has been very positive – I’ve learned a substantial amount, my projects have been interesting and everyone here has been extremely supportive. If you’re looking for a way into the industry, even without a degree in computer science, FDM is an excellent way to start your career.”

Robert Durie, FDM Software Developer placed at Datacash

“My experience on-site has been career changing. I have worked here for over three years now, meeting various new people and making contacts in the industry that are vital for the future. My day-to-day role consists mainly of system testing and system integration testing. During my first two and half years at Wincor I progressed from a junior test analyst to the senior role that I am in today, and am now responsible for training new testers and helping them on a daily basis. The best thing about FDM is the flexibility for career progression.”

Graeme Taylor, FDM Software Test Analyst placed at Wincor Nixdorf

“Training in FDM’s academy was a rewarding experience; the industry-specific training covered a range of subjects such as data warehousing, data cleansing, data visualisation and dashboard development skills that have helped me succeed in a professional working environment.”

Nathan Mukhtar, FDM BI Developer placed at HSBC

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on site and I am currently involved in one of the largest programmes in gas system operations. I am learning many new things on a daily basis. In my role at National Grid, I have been welcomed and supported by FDM as well as the BA team, who have made my transition into working life much easier by providing me the opportunity to work closely with many experienced colleagues on various aspects of a project.”

Deepa Kothari, Business Analyst placed at National Grid

“As a regulation data analyst at HSBC, time management is everything. I support various teams within the banking sector when it comes to the remediation, analysis and review of client data as well as researching and validating client account structures and making necessary changes within the system. These requests are often time sensitive based on the clients’ trading activity. Being able to prioritise and execute in a timely manner and communication is essential in this role. Our main goal is to analyse, review and validate the data through the necessary parties before updating the systems so that they are compliant and in sync across multiple worldwide functions. Communicating with HSBC workers around the world means that you establish international friendships and learn about the various cultures.”

Pertula Bernard, FDM Regulation Data Analyst, placed at HSBC