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Our Work with Clients

FDM partners with over 200 market-leading clients worldwide, providing high-quality IT and business consultants trained to the latest industry standards. We work in various sectors, including financial services, media, retail, insurance, charity, the public sector and more.

Our global presence and superior customer service ensure that our clients are able to scale at speed while relieving administrative strain and ensuring seamless onboarding and performance management for our clients.

FDM recruits, trains, and deploys consultants trained in disciplines including:

We also provide tailored services, delivering talent trained to suit specific client demands.


“I can’t overlook the training that FDM provides for its resources so that they can be successful in their assignments. If FDM can keep producing young bright talents like Matthew, FDM will be a one-stop- shop that I would recommend to other businesses looking for young talent.”

Development Lead, RBC

“After managing 21 FDM resources for over a year, I can honestly say that I am impressed with the calibre and dedication of the staff. They have played a key role in the successful delivery of the OWS Name Screening System for HSBC. On the very rare instance where a resource needed replacing, my FDM Account Manager seamlessly swapped in a replacement with no downtime! If I ever need to build a team quickly and efficiently, the FDM model is very hard to beat!”

Gillian Hobbs, Data Factory Manager, Global Risk Transformation, FCC, HSBC

“We have worked with FDM Group over the past four years to help build a strong and diverse talent pipeline for the IT function. They have identified skilled and capable men and women who are helping us create a workforce that’s representative of the societies in which we operate, and essential for the sustainability and growth of our global operations.”

Ed Alford, CIO and VP of IT Services, BP Group