FDM’s business consultants work with clients on operational and business transformation programs to help with both the implementation and delivery of projects, as well as providing ongoing support.

Our people combine technical excellence with strong interpersonal skills and work in some of the most demanding and challenging environments. We provide ongoing professional and technical support for all of our consultants to help with their personal development and to ensure we provide a seamless service to our clients.

Our diverse talent pools, combined with the ability to transfer FDM’s business consultants to permanent in-house resources means our clients can benefit from a range of experiences and technical skills in the creation of their own balanced teams.

Our Veterans Program transitions those from a senior level or officer position into project managers which allows our clients to benefit from their extensive leadership skills, gravitas and life experience.

We offer all our consultants a range of initiatives to support and engage them in their transition on-site. Learn more about the initiatives we offer in the FDM Consultant Experience brochure.

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Business Intelligence

Project Support / Project Management

Risk, Regulation and Compliance