Data & Analytics

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From business intelligence to data engineering, we provide expertise across a broad range of the data and analytics space. Our consultants focus on traditional reporting and analytics using Microsoft technologies such as Power BI as well as building data pipelines using Open AI, Snowflake and Promptfoo. 

Unlock the potential of big data and data engineering for your business with our capabilities to handle massive data sets using technologies such as Hadoop, Yarn, Kafka, MapReduce, Python, Spark/PySpark, and Scala.

Elevate your project with our expertise

Our consultants have expertise in forensic forecasting, statistical analysis, and machine learning, and are passionate about data integration, modelling and analysis.  

They gain real-world experience while completing Projects On Demand (PODs) with cloud-based environments, using prompt engineering technologies and tools, bringing diverse experiences to add value to your business.

Our areas of specialization

Data Management


Interacting with Data Sources


Data Warehousing


Data Engineering

Automation of Processes

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