Expert support and advice when you need it.

Because life can be stressful – whether it’s through personal, family or work challenges – every member of the FDM community now has access to the new Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The FDM Employee Assistance Programme uses the services provided by GuidanceResources and is designed to help you deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting your home life or work life, health and general wellbeing.

This complete support network offers short-term counselling as well as information and resources on emotional, financial, legal, family and work-life issues.

The EAP is strictly confidential and free for you and your immediate family members*, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Why might you or your family use the services?

There could be many reasons to seek assistance. You may wish to contact the EAP if you:

  • Are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of balancing work and family
  • Are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression
  • Are dealing with grief and loss
  • Need assistance with child or elder care concerns
  • Have legal or financial questions
  • Have concerns about substance abuse for yourself or a dependant

How can you find the help you need?

  • You can contact the EAP 24/7 and speak to a credentialed professional – see the number for your region below
  • You can go to and register your personal account
    To begin your registration, use the FDM Organisation Web ID: HealthAssuredEAP
  • And you can download the app: GuidanceNow

What happens when you make a phone call?

All phone calls are answered by a Guidance Consultant who will listen carefully and locate the best resource for you – from a counsellor in your community, to a legal or financial expert, to caregiving information.

All of these options offer expert advice and compassionate guidance 24/7, covering a wide range of issues. You’ll receive not only reactive support when you need it but also proactive and preventative support to deliver the best possible outcomes.

What is on the EAP website?

Once you’ve registered online, you’ll find a wealth of helpful, in-depth information about specific topics under headings such as Wellness, Relationships, Work & Education, Finance, Legal, Lifestyle, and Property & Motoring.

You can also send a text question or use the available tools to customise resource recommendations. And you can access the many short, interactive training modules to help build practical skills to deal with real-life challenges. We recommend exploring the site and getting to know everything it offers.

Any of us would appreciate support sometime in our lives

We hope that, when needed, FDM’s Employee Assistance Program helps you deal with the complexities of life and everyday issues. Sometimes it’s hard to define what a problem may be, but if you are feeling angry, lonely, depressed or stuck, you can call your EAP for help, anytime.

Remember, you can contact the EAP 24/7 – No issue is too big or too small, they’re there to help.

EAP phone number your region

Australia                        1800 377 275

United Kingdom           0800-917-5320

Canada                          1 866-641-3847

China                              4001-200746

Germany                       0800 3007347

Hong Kong                    800-905-386

Poland                           0-0-8001113839

Singapore                      800-852-3937

USA                                800-272-7255

*Immediate family members are defined as your spouse/partner and children aged 16 to 24 in full time education, living in the same household.