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FDM Interns of North America

North America Interns

We caught up with some of our new interns that are based throughout the US and Canada. Read about their daily roles and what they love best about FDM below.


Shahzad Rashid (CA) - FDMShahzad Rashid – Marketing Intern – Toronto

Studying Marketing Management to complete a Bachelor’s of Commerce at Ryerson University

“For me, no two days are the same; it is a dynamic role entitling me to a range of different responsibilities, including blog writing, running reports, event management, and conducting market research for several projects.”

“One of the things I like most about FDM is the workplace culture; it is very inviting and social as all of the staff here are incredibly friendly and engaging. It makes coming to work all the more fun. The business model is something very different from most other companies, and it works. It bridges the gap between employers and those looking for work. I get to see firsthand the joy and excitement the trainees feel when they are placed.”


Malcolm McDermid (CA) - FDMMalcolm McDermid – Data Analyst Intern – Toronto

Studying Economics at the University of Toronto

“I work with Toronto’s University Partnership Manager and assist with running reports and gathering data. A typical day for me would involve creating reports in Salesforce to get information about applicant degrees, universities that bring in high amounts of applications, and more. Recently I’ve been working on creating a weekly report for the Toronto office to get a snapshot of how we’re doing.”

“My favorite part about FDM is how friendly everyone is. From the start everyone has been very nice, welcoming, and helpful making the transition into working here very easy and a lot of fun.”


Jessica Hernandez (NY) - FDMJessica Hernandez – Human Resources Intern – New York

Majoring in Labor Studies and minoring in Human Resources and Latino and Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University

“So far I have been learning all the platforms that the Human Resources department uses and attending a few department meetings. I also help my coworkers in the NY HR department with enrolling new hires.”

“Everyone at FDM Group is very welcoming and helpful. I am enjoying how much I get to help and be involved as an intern. I am completing tasks that I learn about in school.”


Adrianna Lawrence (NY) - FDMAdrianna Lawrence – Consultant Support Intern – New York

Business Management with a minor in special events in Marketing, at Pace University Pleasantville

“Currently my responsibilities contain being a part of consultant calls for  six month and 20 month reviews. I enter the information on Sales Force and type up summaries based on the information. I am getting more involved with password reset, setting up meetings, and Survey Monkey. Each day is filled with something new to learn or to improve upon.”

“FDM has been a great environment to be a part of. Everyone is so welcoming and very easygoing. I love that even though I am an intern, everyone knows who I am and they are very open to teaching me everything I need to know. The organizational culture here is exactly what I am looking for in the business world. What this company does is more than meets the eye and I have a great opportunity to be a part of such a prestigious company this summer.”

Muhammad Yazdanie (NY)Muhammad Yazdanie – Sales Analyst Intern – New York

Studying Finance and Management at NYU Stern

“I mainly create sales reports and organize data to make it easier to understand, along with helping the finance department with any ad hoc projects they may have.”

“One thing I like about FDM is that I have a certain level of freedom where I can complete tasks without anyone hovering over my shoulder. There has been a large variety of projects assigned to me already, and some have been very challenging, which is something I enjoy.”


Kathryn Preziotti (Reston) - FDMKatie Preziotti – Sales Intern – Reston

Double major in Psychology and Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources from James Madison University

“I have been able to dip my toes into a few of the departments here at FDM. I have worked closely with the Reston Sales Analyst by helping him run weekly reports, arrange interviews, review resumes, and communicate with Account Managers. I’ve also spent some time with the Recruitment team which has included learning the recruitment process, sourcing potential candidates, and assisting on Interview Days. I look forward to continuing to explore the other departments, and all the opportunities they have to offer.”

“I really enjoy the people and the office atmosphere – it’s so positive and everyone has been incredibly welcoming throughout this entire experience. I have very much enjoyed speaking with trainees and seeing how excited they are for all the opportunities FDM has to offer them!”


Patrick Rita (Reston) - FDMPatrick Rita – Sales Intern – Reston

Studying Economics and Math with a concentration in Finance at the University of Virginia

“My role at FDM takes many forms and is constantly changing. It’s been nice getting to know all of the different departments and I am appreciating being able to use my skills and background to help out in any way I can. I am thrilled to get to bounce around from conducting reports on Salesforce to sourcing potential candidates for recruitment.”

“My favorite part about FDM is how it is so human-centric, so it is constantly changing and new challenges and opportunities are always present.”

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