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Meet the German Account Managers

View of a German flag from a building with spiralling glass walls.

Our Account Managers are a crucial part of FDM’s success. From working with our skilled consultants to organising placements with our worldwide clients, the Account Managers work hard to bring people and technology together every day. Each week we will introduce our Account Manager teams around the world, which today finds us in Germany:

Account Management Team


Pádraig Haughney

Pádraig Haughney – Head of Business Development Europe

How long have you been with FDM? Three years.

I really enjoy my role. The highlight has to be working with new clients, and it’s a great feeling when my hard work pays off. Over the last three years, I’ve had some fantastic memories with the team, we’re all very proud to work for FDM and we advise all our consultants to embrace the opportunities they are given – don’t be afraid to ask questions and retain any advice given by seniors!

Hobbies outside of work: Being Irish I’m fond of drinking pints, watching football and shouting at the television.

Robert Krakau – Head of Sales Germany

How long have you been with FDM? I started in July 2015.

Working with a team of young and ambitious sales people is such a perk for me. Being able to support them in their development and to be able to guide them with tasks as they grow is my favourite aspect of the job. My best advice is to be open and accept the challenge. One needs to try things before deciding if it is where they belong, so be brave!

Favourite FDM memory: I like the moments where fellow colleagues reflect with humility where they have started, what they have accomplished and prove how hard work pays off. It’s great to share success stories with one another.

Robert Krakau
Saiid Ghahreman

Saiid Ghahreman – Account Manager

How long have you been with FDM? I joined FDM in January 2016.

After completing the PMO Training programme, I moved to an internal Sales & Business Analyst Role with FDM in April 2016. As I grew further into the role, I began taking on more and more responsibilities including some internal projects both for the German territory as well as for the global group. As of April 2018, I have moved into Account Management full-time.

Favourite part of the role: I enjoy seeing young graduates come in and develop into consultants through the academy. Seeing them do great work and be successful on-site with our clients is definitely one of the best parts of my job.

Max Voegtli – Account Manager for Switzerland

How long have you been with FDM? Two and a half years

I can’t put my finger on what has been my best memory at FDM. There have been so many small things that happen amongst colleagues in our office that invoke fond memories of my team. The best part of my role is working with my clients to find solutions to problems, as well as working with trainees and advising them on the best routes to take when looking for a placement.

Hobbies outside of work: I’m a big football fan and enjoy nothing more than going to the Eintracht Frankfurt stadium on the weekend, as well as following the team out on the road.


Max Voegtli
Kaltrine Isufi

Kaltrine Isufi – Account Manager

How long have you been with FDM? Since May 2015.

Seeing the development and growth of our consultants throughout their time with FDM is a complete highlight for me. There is no better feeling than a consultant telling you about how happy and thankful they are for being on-site. Our office is very sociable and we have an office/academy-wide get together each month, which is great fun.

Hobbies outside of work: I have a big family with four sisters and two brothers. We all live across Germany so I love to spend time with them when possible. I enjoy the days when we are together and we can spend some quality family time together.

Featured image credit: Photo by AC Almelor on Unsplash

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