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Meet the Glasgow Recruitment Team

Glasgow - FDM

Without our recruitment teams, FDM wouldn’t be half the company it is today. To celebrate the fantastic teams, we are posting a blog every Tuesday and this week we find ourselves in Glasgow. The FDM Glasgow office has several teams aiming to place Scottish candidates into some of the biggest companies around the UK; we caught up with some of the members to learn about their tips for success.

Graduate Recruitment Team

Lisa Andrews – Regional Recruitment Manager

When people are excited and passionate about IT and Technology, it comes across in their interviews and it is brilliant to see. You don’t have to be a ‘polished’ consultant to be successful at an FDM Group Assessment Centre. The recruitment team here in Glasgow are here to help and they want candidates to succeed in our recruitment process so use them to answer any questions, be honest with them and really use that relationship to help perform to the best of your ability.

Fun fact: I’ve been to the Grand Prix for the past six years. The races themselves are so exciting but the added bonus is that we get to go on an extra holiday every year and that keeps me very happy!



Stanislava JackulikovaStanislava Jackulikova – Senior Graduate Recruiter

My top tips are to keep your CV to two pages and be mindful of your body language during an interview. Little things like a good handshake and a smile go a long way. Have a clear idea as to why you want any particular job and try to paint a good picture about YOU as a candidate through examples about your experiences and skills to set you apart from other candidates and make them remember you.

Favourite hobby: I practically live with my nose in a book. Tina Fey’s Bossypants or Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow are some of my favorites but I’ll read anything (apart from horror).


Andrew Alexander - FDMAndrew Alexander – Graduate Recruiter

Our team comes from a varied background which allows each individual to bring their own unique characteristics to the role. This diversity allows for us to connect with a wider range of candidates and ultimately providing them the opportunity to begin their career. When looking for a success in a candidate, I look for someone who demonstrates characteristics associated with success on our programme; adaptability, collaboration, resilience and most of all, a passion/interest in the technology industry.

Favourite hobby: I love spending time with my dog and going for long walks, my dog is my life.



Stuart Boyce - FDMStuart Boyce – Graduate Recruiter

I’m the newest member of the team but we’ve already had some great memories. I’ve learnt that communication, technical competency, determination and persistence are key skills when it comes to applying for FDM. Someone who is eager and willing to add to their knowledge base and skills is a candidate that stands out for me. Be open-minded and take the opportunities that arise, and always be willing to learn and develop.

My interests: I like going out for dinner. I also enjoy reading books about business and the functionality of how a business works. I recently developed a huge interest in stocks and shares.


Mhairi Taylor - FDMMhairi Taylor – Graduate Recruiter

My best advice for a graduate is to be honest about applying for other jobs – we don’t judge you and it’s nice to know what kind of roles you are generally looking at. When I’m looking for a candidate I like to look for someone with interesting hobbies and someone who can teach me something new about themselves. I like to spend a sufficient amount of time on a candidate, ensuring they have enough feedback and preparing them for assessment days.

Best FDM memory: Singing 90’s anthems with my team on the bus back from Hamilton Racecourse.




Getting Back to Business Team

Julie Angus - FDMJulie Angus – Senior Getting Back to Business Recruiter

We’re really passionate on the Getting Back to Business programme about placing our returners into the best role for them and to match their skill set and give them the best chance to grow and develop out on-site. I want to see a passionate and committed candidate when they are returning to work. My best piece of advice is to remain open-minded and to grab every opportunity offered to you.

Favourite FDM memory: I really enjoyed going to the Grand National in April. We were spoiled and had a great day out.


Shama Ishtiaq - FDMShama Ishtiaq – Getting Back to Business Recruiter

I absolutely love meeting candidates at open evenings, advising me about how their life has changed since joining the Getting Back to Business programme. The programme offers a lot of support from the first call and it’s great to see how people have launched a whole new career. Never lose hope and have the courage to apply to new schemes, you won’t ever need to apologise for taking a career break!

Fun fact: I love designing. I have a creative side which I put into practice with jewellery.


University Partnerships Team

Fiona McKerral - FDMFiona McKerral – Senior University Partnerships Recruiter

For me, I always look for candidates who show a genuine interest in technology. They don’t need to come from a technical background, but they need to be passionate about the field they are about to enter into. FDM really see the value in providing constructive feedback, we give feedback to every candidate at assessment days even if they have not been successful, in the hope that this feedback will help the candidates in future interviews.

Favourite memory of FDM: Completing Walking with the Wounded in 2018!


Alice Lingard - FDMAlice Lingard – University Partnerships Recruiter

My favourite memory of my time at FDM was when I placed my first consultant. It sounds cliché but he was one of my first candidates when I joined FDM. When I first started in recruitment I was terrified of speaking to him on the phone. By the time he came into the academy, we had both developed so much. It was great to see him flourish in the academy - he received a fantastic placement with a high profile bank and I’m really proud of him. My favourite hobby: I love yoga and meditation. They help me stay relaxed and focused in all situations – I have also taught in the past so feel free to approach me if you feel like finding your inner zen!


Are you interested in training for a career in IT or business intelligence? You can do so on our award-winning Graduate Careers Programme, Ex-Forces Careers Programme or Getting Back to Business Programme.

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