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Meet the Hong Kong Account Managers

A morning view of the Hong Kong skyline.

With centres and academies worldwide, FDM is constantly evolving around the globe. Without our Account Managers, our business model wouldn’t be able to function. From working with our skilled consultants to organising placements with our worldwide clients, the Account Managers work hard to bring people and technology together every day. Each week we will introduce our Account Manager teams around the world, which today finds us in Hong Kong.

Janet Law – HK and China Sales Lead

Where are you from? I am originally from Hong Kong however I went to school in the UK at the age of 13

How long have you been with FDM? I began my FDM career in the London office in 2011 and I later joined the APAC family towards the end of 2012.

Every day is different in this role, I love it. I enjoy seeing consultants getting placed and excelling in their roles on-site. Over the years I’ve gathered some amazing memories at FDM, my favourite has to be when we upgraded from a three-man office into a full academy with the capacity to train 40 consultants in Hong Kong. It was the day we realised how much hard work we had put in over the years and to see it paying off was absolutely amazing.

Best advice to trainees? Be curious and never stop learning. Always aim to expand your network and build relationships with people inside and outside your organisation.

Sherry Yu – Senior Account Manager

Where are you from? I’m from Zhuhai in China

How long have you been with FDM? I’ve been with FDM for five years. I joined in London after completing my Masters in the UK and after five months I relocated to Hong Kong.

My role requires me to help clients build their talent pipeline and provide exciting roles for our trainees and consultants which I love.  In my role I am able to build up my network and meet different people across a variety of organisations.  I’ve been able to watch the company grow from a tiny office in Hong Kong to our current academy which is amazing!

Best advice to trainees? Keep learning and embrace every single opportunity, don’t give up and keep going. Make it happen!

Eoin Doyle – Account Manager

Where are you from? People’s Republic of Cork, Ireland

How long have you been with FDM? I have been working at FDM for just over a year.

I travel between Hong Kong and Singapore as an Account Manager and I find it extremely rewarding when we are able to match our client’s needs to the career aspirations of our trainees and consultants. My best career advice is to be proactive and don’t sit around waiting for an opportunity to present itself, seek out the opportunities.

What do you do outside of work? Sports are a major part of my life and playing Irish sports like Hurling and Gaelic Football take up most of my free time. It is great to play a sport unique to the Irish in Asia.

William Rayner – Account Manager

Where are you from? Australia, in a town called Bowral, two hours south-west of Sydney

How long have you been with FDM? I joined FDM a year ago, initially starting in London before moving to Hong Kong.

My first day in the London office as a Graduate Recruiter has to be up there with one of my favourite moments at FDM. As a graduate from Sydney, starting in London on the other side of the world was equally as daunting as it was exciting. I love meeting new people every day, each with different challenges and looking at ways where we can help support.

Best advice to trainees? Put your best foot forward, show an eagerness and enthusiasm to learn. You’re not always going to know everything, but if you show those traits it will put you in good stead.

Katy Chan – Account Manager

Where are you from? Hong Kong

How long have you been with FDM? I joined FDM in July this year.

I’m still a newbie in the company. I started in the recruitment team and now I’m in my third week as an Account Manager. I’ve had such a fun few months at FDM in Hong Kong. My favourite memory was on my first day of work where we had a team dinner. It was really memorable, and a great way to get to know more about everyone over some spicy crab and a couple of drinks in Causeway Bay and Wanchai!

What is your favourite part of the role? Networking and getting more in-depth insights about the market and the industry.

Siegfried Wai – Account Manager

Where are you from? Hong Kong

How long have you been with FDM? I joined FDM in January 2018.

Since joining the company, I’ve already had some great memories with the team in Hong Kong. We went on a sales trip to Taiwan recently, which was a great experience. I really enjoy meeting new clients as well as exploring opportunities for consultants and trainees – it’s great to support our clients with FDM’s various programmes.

Hobbies outside of work? You will find me playing cricket or watching my beloved Liverpool if I’m out of the office!

Featured image credit: Photo by bady qb on Unsplash

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