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Meet the London Account Managers

View of the city of London skyline against the setting sun.

Every Tuesday, we have been introducing you to our wonderful account managers around the globe; the team who are responsible for placing each trainee on-site with our clients. They work closely with our clients and trainees to ensure the best people are chosen for the job and provide consultants with support and guidance throughout their FDM journey. Today, we catch up with some of the team in London.

Kenny Millen – Senior Account Manager and Team Lead

How long have you been with FDM? Five years.

I enjoy working alongside the consultants to help them secure exciting opportunities within our client base. A lot of consultants are nervous as this is potentially their first interview after leaving university and seeing them perform well in these situations and succeed in challenging roles/environments is very gratifying. My favourite FDM memory was placing my first consultants into roles. My manager and I were working on an opportunity for a Software Developer to join a digital development team and, following the interviews, the client wasn’t able to choose between the candidates and selected all three for the team. The consultants were all in the same training group too so it was nice that they continued their careers together. The best advice I give out to trainees going on-site is to learn from the people around you. I encourage consultants to be inquisitive and ask questions, sometimes challenging and making suggestions on how processes could be improved within a business.

Hobbies outside of work: I enjoy keeping fit and exercise regularly. I’m also a season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur.

Charlotte Williams – Senior Account Manager and Team Lead

How long have you been with FDM? Three and a half years.

There’s so much variety to my role. Every day is different and you meet a huge mix of people, both in the Academy and out on client site. We are involved in so many exciting projects that our clients are rolling out and it is amazing to then place candidates in these fantastic roles and opportunities. Seeing their journey over the two years is very rewarding. My favourite memory so far is when we went to the Grand National earlier this year with the different Sales and Recruitment teams from across the UK. The advice I give to trainees is to throw yourself into opportunities and make sure you network! It is so important to learn from and build relationships with those around you, especially early on in your career or when returning from a career break.

Passion outside of work: Sport. I rowed for my university and since graduating have focused on running. I completed the London Marathon in 2017 and 2018, and I’m hoping to compete again next year in London or Berlin.


Samantha Mellis – Project Lead

How long have you been with FDM? Three and a half years.

The advice I give to trainees is to understand that this is the first step in your career; you will develop, learn and be challenged. All experience is good experience and at the end of your two years, you will be amazed at how much you have actually learnt. Be flexible and be open to lots of opportunities whilst on-site. A job is never what’s on the job description but the more you are exposed to, the more you ultimately can say you have experience and skills in. The part of my role that I enjoy the most is the thrill of letting a candidate know that they have been successful in a client interview (especially if they are straight out of training) and are starting their career. Outside of work I have a season ticket with Crystal Palace so that is where I will be most weekends, home and away. I play lots of sports also, mainly football and netball, including the recently formed FDM netball club.

Favourite FDM memory: When I was sent to FDM New York for three months and got to experience FDM culture across the pond.


Billy McLaren – Account manager

How long have you been with FDM? Three years.

One of the things I have enjoyed most while working for FDM is the friendships I have built over the last few years. We’re a close-knit team here in London and I’m glad to work with colleagues, some of whom are also close friends of mine outside of work. I love to run a couple of times a week and my colleague, Frazer, and I usually start the week with a 10K after work to blow off some steam; it’s a healthy bit of competition between the two of us. I always give trainees going out on-site the advice to grab every opportunity by the horns. It can be incredibly daunting stepping into a new company but if you apply yourself and show enthusiasm then you will succeed.

Favourite FDM memory: Placing the first 10 consultants into Shell, a new client for FDM this year. It was two years of hard work to finally welcome them as a client and a fantastic place for those 10 consultants to start their careers with FDM. The experience has taught me a lot about perseverance and more importantly patience.


Frazer Barrell – Account Manager

How long have you been with FDM? I started working for FDM in Brighton six years ago in Finance. I now work in Team International Finance in London.

My favourite memories of FDM have been placing the first and 100th consultants. It is so rewarding to be launching careers and meeting new people every day. The best advice I give trainees going out on-site is to make the most of the opportunity, work hard and network as much as possible.

Favourite thing to do outside of work: Anything sport related (except cricket) – every other Saturday I enjoy watching CFC at the bridge.


Charlotte Gallagher– Account Manager

How long have you been with FDM? Three years.

I initially applied for the FDM Graduate Programme after graduating with a 2:1 in International Business and Italian from the Dublin Institute of Technology. I interviewed well at a Dublin Assessment Centre and my CV was subsequently referred over to the Head of Sales in London for an internal analyst role. I flew to London soon after, interviewed with the wider sales team and was offered the role of a Sales and Delivery Analyst within that very interview. The following week I started my role in London and worked as an analyst for a year before moving to Account Management.



Featured image credit: Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

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