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Meet the Reston Recruitment Team

View of the Reston, Virginia, town centre from ground level surrounded by skyscrapers.

One of the biggest reasons for FDM’s success lies with our recruitment teams, who support graduates applying to join our Careers Programme, and ensure they are prepared in all the ways necessary to begin their career in IT. Meet the incredible members of our Reston recruitment team!

Adam Renkosinski - FDMAdam Renkosinski, Recruitment Manager, North America

  • Originally from: Toronto, Ontario
  • Loves: Everything to do with nature and doing anything outdoors including hiking, fishing, camping, cycling, swimming, etc.

“I joined FDM in 2016 as a Recruitment Consultant, and as the company has grown, I moved to the role of Senior Recruiter and then Recruitment Manager for FDM’s Canadian operations. I have always tried to push my professional boundaries, continue to take on responsibility, and continuously challenge myself in my role.

Our team is committed to giving candidates a great experience and act in a transparent and ethical manner. We look to bring in amazing people to the organization who will be an asset to our clients. It is more important to hire someone who has the passion and drive because we have a very strong training programme in place to give the necessary skills to those who may not have been able to obtain these from working at other companies. I love FDM’s people and culture. We are a high energy and fun place to work. Everything we do is people-oriented which makes FDM a great place to come to each day!”

Take it from me: Whether it is a personalized follow-up, a friendly greeting, or generally positive and friendly attitude during the interview process, sometimes these small actions can influence an interviewer tremendously and differentiate one candidate from the next. Be considerate and professional always, even when you think no one is evaluating you.


Deana Carter - FDMDeana Carter, University Relationship Manager

  • Originally from: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Loves: Being outdoors, especially hiking and camping

“FDM’s business model allows for a truly unique approach to all areas of operation, especially recruiting. We have the wonderful task of launching the careers of graduates who may not have had the opportunity to do so without the training and experience provided by FDM. I think that we are so open to diversity and looking for candidates who want to grow and learn as a part of their time with FDM, that the presence of drive and the desire to learn in our candidates is all they need to open doors for themselves and be successful. The culture internally is just as supportive and welcoming. I have only been here for a month but as a new member of the team, I really enjoyed our bowling outing a few weeks ago with the whole Reston office!”

Take it from me: Be patient – success in your career will come if you are driven, work hard and stay focused on your goals.


Julia Dragel - FDMJulia Dragel, Recruitment Consultant

  • Originally from: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Loves: Cooking—there is nothing better than putting effort into something you can eat

“FDM’s unbiased approach to interviews sets us apart from other recruiting companies. FDM does not look at what school you went to, what company you interned with, or where you are coming from when making a decision. We are just looking for the right skills and the right attitude. As long as you are willing to learn and willing to work hard, you will fit right in our FDM family as well as on-site. When I speak with FDM candidates, I also look for enthusiasm and confidence. With these things, jumpstarting one’s career becomes even easier, as clients get excited when consultants show positivity towards joining their team. The culture at FDM is inclusive, hardworking, and fun! My favorite memory with my team is going bowling for the first time—I got a strike on my first bowl after not playing for years (and my score subsequently plummeted after that)!”

Take it from me: Try to have an open mind when going into your career—things might have an unexpected start, but that’s okay!


Adam Maiga - FDMAdam Maiga, Recruitment Consultant

  • Originally from: Bronx, NY and raised in NJ
  • Loves: Playing sports and running in my free time

“I love that fact that FDM focuses on creating opportunities for grads, vets, and returners to work who have the skillset to be great, but might not have the experience get their foot in the door on their own. You do not have to be a computer science genius to be part of our programme—I look for candidates who are energetic, engaged, and have a passion for technology. Our team works hard to make graduates as comfortable and prepared for success as possible. We are a very tight knit group and a main goal of ours is to make the Reston office a great place to be. My favorite memory was our office Holiday party. We all got a chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company.”

Take it from me: Enjoy this accomplishment of graduating school. Do your research on companies that you are interested in and do not be afraid to ask questions.


Daniel Cerny - FDMDaniel Cerny, Recruitment Consultant

  • Originally from: Fairbanks, Alaska— which is the coldest city in America!
  • Loves: playing board games with my friends. It gives us a chance to be overly competitive about something that is mostly trivial and test the strength of our friendships.

“One of the best and most unique things about FDM is how much focus is put on the potential for growth in their candidates, rather than their skill level upon starting with us. We are happy to find a diamond in the rough and help them come into their own. Therefore, in order for a candidate to be successful with FDM, all they need is drive, energy, and the eagerness to grow. This extends to our internal team as well, making FDM a great place to not only jumpstart your career, but to make long-lasting friendships. One of my best memories with my team was hanging out as a group outside of work at a backyard BBQ, playing lawn games and eating good food. We are not just there to help and support each other, but our candidates as well.”

Take it from me: When you are interviewing, make sure you relax and provide examples to support your ideas. Being geographically flexible is always a plus!


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Featured image credit: Photo by Payton Chung from DCA, USA [CC BY 2.0]

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