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Paul Brown
23.09.2019 Published: 23.09.19, Modified: 23.09.2019 18:09:15

The world is full of opportunities, and with every graduate, returner and veteran who walk into one of FDM’s Academies, we aim to make sure they have access to global opportunities to fulfil their career aspirations. It’s not only internal staff who relocate to other FDM centres – many consultants express an interest in making the most of our global opportunities and take their careers to different countries around the world. What can you achieve in a new city or country that you can’t in your own location? We’ve spoken to four FDMers who uprooted and moved to take on new challenges.

Rutendo Mutambirwa: London to Canada

Having visited Canada a few times before joining FDM in 2014, I always knew it was a place I would like to emigrate to after gaining work experience. After my first placement with FDM as a Business Analyst came to an end in the UK, I revisited the idea.

Since moving to Toronto in January 2018, I have had the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally by embracing the challenge of working in a new sector and new country. Adapting to the unique quirks of this city have made the journey interesting, i.e. the lack of signage around the city for both motorists and pedestrians; or maybe we overdo it with the signs in London, I’m not sure!

The transition was made easier by the advice and assistance I received from FDM in both the London and Toronto centres. My previous placements were in the charity and government sectors, whereas I am now working as a Business Systems Analyst in a renowned Canadian bank, which has allowed me to expand my skillset.

Alayna Mansell: London to Hong Kong to Australia

I always knew I wanted to live and work abroad, so when I’d finished my second year of working in London, it was time to take on a new adventure. I was quite open to re-location and when an opportunity arose in Hong Kong, I went for it. After three amazing years in Hong Kong, I was starting to think about what might be next for me, and with FDM’s expansion into Australia, this was one chance I didn’t want to miss.

With the opportunity to travel to a new location, came the opportunity to meet new people, experience different working cultures and expand my network. The experience I have gained has been second to none. The advice I would give anyone who is considering opportunities is to always say ‘yes’. My career (so far) hasn’t always been linear. I have experienced different roles in different areas of the business and in instances made career sacrifices, but in doing this, I have defined my interests and realised where my strengths lie.

Petrina Tan: Singapore to Hong Kong

It has always been my dream to work away from home and to experience a culture that was different than my own. When FDM presented me with the opportunity to relocate to Hong Kong, I instantly said yes.

Singapore is not so different from Hong Kong in regard to language and food, so I settled in quite easily. One thing I found difficult to get used to (which I never would have thought) was deciphering the expressions and tones of the locals. Sometimes my colleagues share jokes while simultaneously speaking very seriously. I must get up to speed on the local humour!

Being in a different environment has helped me focus on work, as the main reason I made the move was for my career. There are less distractions and I take a lot of pride in my work. I also get to work with people from different cultures, which I love.  The move has hugely benefited my career and personal life – I have become more independent, as I am living alone. It is common for Singaporeans to live with their parents until they settle down.

The advice I would give to anyone considering moving for a career opportunity is ‘just do it!’ You only live once.

Kalea Wolff: Reston to Charlotte

At the time of joining FDM, I still had an urge to make a career charge. I moved away from home to attend my first Software Development Bootcamp and that left the idea in my head about uprooting once again to grasp as many opportunities as possible in the technology field.

I moved to Charlotte to work for a fantastic company where I knew I could make a difference in day-to-day life. I’ve had the opportunity to work on some cool projects that impact banking as we know it. I’m now one year into my placement and I’ve recognised a lot of growth in my development ability.

The biggest lifestyle change I’ve had revolved around my commute in the morning. I was used to driving to and from work daily, whereas now I commute by light rail. The weather is great in Charlotte and the people are wonderful. If you’re in a position where you can make the move, do it. Especially if you or your career will benefit from the move! At the end of your assignment, you can always return home, though, personally, I think I’ll be staying in Charlotte.

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