Pioneering Tech Graduate Recruitment

Paul Brown
15.11.2016 Published: 15.11.16, Modified: 15.11.2016 00:11:00

As technology continues to evolve, it plays an increasingly vital role in the way companies approach the talent and hiring process. By matching talent with opportunity, at FDM Group we are committed to creating and inspiring exciting careers in digital. We are continuously seeking to lead the way and use innovative technology to help us identify the talented individuals who make up our diverse workforce. Here are just three examples of how FDM is using technology to connect with graduates.

Using virtual reality as a recruitment tool

This year we gave our Summer Intern team an exciting digital project to work on: creating a 360° virtual reality video that could be used at University recruitment fairs. The video showcases our offices and promotes our award-winning Careers Programme. The virtual reality headset enables students to immerse themselves in the FDM office and experience the organisation in the digital world.

Debut: identifying candidates

As well as adopting and developing virtual reality, FDM has been one of the first companies to work with Debut, one of the world’s first student and graduate careers app to recruit the next generation of Consultants.

Using a mobile-first app to recruit candidates creates an online community  for employers to meet students in an environment they are comfortable and familiar with. As a result, in the last four months we have seen over 180 applications and seven hires along with a recognisable spike in attendance for our open evenings.

The Debut app removes the bureaucracy of job applications; employers can send direct messages to relevant applicants without sifting through numerous CV’s and applicants can even receive a push notification inviting you to the final round of assessment!

Me+: supporting candidates

We have also been utilising the career development app, ME+ that has been designed specifically for FDM, to enable graduates to take control of their own careers once they have trained in the Programme. This bespoke digital app allows users to define and reach their true potential by setting professional milestones, holding themselves accountable to their peers and keeping track of both short-term and long-term career goals. In addition to supporting our Consultants with measures such as the Mentoring Programme and Consultant Peer Support, by introducing ME+ we have been able to support the graduates on a digital scale.

Recruitment technology is ever-evolving and as a company that operates in the digital space, we are passionate about harnessing the power of innovative tech. FDM is dedicated to promoting a diverse workforce that reflects our wider society where we recognise that successful candidates can come from a variety of backgrounds whether this relates to education, social mobility or ethnicity to mention a few. By taking innovative measures in attracting, identifying and supporting candidates we can ensure that we incorporate a wide range of relevant candidates into our talent pool, who are at the forefront of technology.

Are you interested in jump-starting your career with FDM? FDM currently has many business and technical career opportunities available in various locations across the globe.