Top 5 Things about Working in the Public Sector

Paul Brown
14.11.2016 Published: 14.11.16, Modified: 14.11.2016 00:11:00

I’m David, a technical Java Consultant currently on-site at Land Registry in Plymouth. I’ve also previously worked at BAE Systems and eValue. I’ve been working here for almost a year now and it’s struck me how unique an experience the public sector is, so here are my five top things about working in the public sector.

1. The People:

There’s a lot of diversity in the public sector. Here at Land Registry there’s a great mix of people, from those who have worked here for decades to the fresh young faces of apprentices and recent graduates. As one of the largest tech employers in the South West, the Land Registry office in Plymouth attracts people from all walks of life.

2. The Projects:

Working in the public sector means working for the people, and you can really feel that in the projects going on at the Land Registry. Here we adopt a user-centred approach to all our work, ensuring that the target audience for our applications get to try out our products and give feedback, which we can use to make the product even better.

3. The Development:

Working in the public sector is fantastic for self-improvement. Land Registry provides its staff (including external contractors like me) with frequent opportunities to take in house training courses. There are also lots of opportunities to improve soft skills, with plenty of product demos and showcases to present there’s always a chance for you to take the spotlight.

4. The Atmosphere:

You are really taken care of in the public sector. Land Registry is easily one of the most supportive places I’ve ever worked. I came here as a Java developer, but have worked exclusively in Python since starting. I was given time and help from my team to learn the language and build my confidence before getting stuck in. As an external contractor you’re never made to feel like an outsider, and your opinion and experience is held in the same regard as anyone else.

5. The Quality of Life:

The casual, comfortable atmosphere in the public sector is a far cry from the busy, often stressful world of the private sector – there’s no dress code here at Land Registry. There are also flexible working hours, an onsite canteen and even a gym! (Albeit a very small one)

Hopefully this has given you a little taste of what it’s like to work in the public sector. I personally think it’s great and I’m really enjoying my time at Land Registry.

Featured image credit: Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash 

Updated 14 November, 2016