Career Stories: Clare Evans

Paul Brown
22.07.2019 Published: 22.07.19, Modified: 22.07.2019 17:07:28

There are many different paths to take when it comes to leaving university, but Clare Evans knew exactly where she wanted to be upon graduating from Nottingham University with a degree in Business Management with German. Clare explains why she came to FDM to launch her career in business and shares her experience of being placed on a client site.

Throughout my degree, I’d studied aspects of HR, analysis, management skills and other areas of business which I felt confident in. I struggled to find a role where I could put these skills to use and I wanted to go into a career where I could put my degree to its full potential.

The FDM graduate training was intense, but a great programme to get acclimated to what life in the corporate world would be like. One of the areas that I did struggle with was SQL, but the trainers at FDM Leeds were incredibly helpful. Whether you wanted a little extra help or just needed to ask a question, the trainers would regularly take time out of their day or even their lunch break to sit down with us to help make sure we were succeeding in our training.

Learning Excel in the academy gave me a great step up for my client placement.; Once I arrived on site I could apply what I’d learnt from the programme into my new day-to-day role. The FDM academy gives you the chance to transfer the skills you have into a real working environment and they prepare you for your first serious job post-university. You’ve got to be prepared to work hard and to make the most of every opportunity you get, but the entire FDM team are always there to help out.

After nine weeks, I was placed with a building society, where I have now had the chance to improve my skills as well as implement what I learnt through FDM’s training. I spent three years out onsite and received some fantastic feedback from my team. The role exposed me to various fields in the business and landed me in an opportunity that most graduates wouldn’t have the chance to gain coming straight out of university.

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