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How FDM’s Recruit, Train, Deploy Brings Top Talent to Your Business

Paul Brown
11.04.2022 Published: 11.04.22, Modified: 11.04.2022 17:04:29

FDM is the market leader in the Recruit, Train, Deploy sector with over 30 years’ experience helping businesses fill their skills gaps with trained talent. We provide a steady stream of human resources for companies looking to build their talent pipelines. On the flipside, this also offers the unique opportunity for a diverse range of people to launch their careers with our prestigious clients.

What is the Recruit, Train, Deploy Model?

FDM’s Recruit, Train, Deploy model is a unique service that places IT and business professionals with clients across a number of sectors. We provide a 360-degree hiring solution for businesses by undertaking the recruitment of candidates, their training and administration. This allows businesses to scale up project deliveries seamlessly at speed.

The phrase Recruit, Train and Deploy literally outlines the scope of the solution:

We shortlist and RECRUIT candidates from across diverse backgrounds including fresh graduates, ex-forces personnel and those looking to return to work after a career break. We TRAIN candidates in specific pathways and then DEPLOY them to work at a client side on a fixed-term contract. At the end of the contract, consultants can be internalised by the client.

What Streams Do You Provide Training In?

We provide training in two main streams – Technical and Business.

The Technical stream includes the following pathways:

The Business stream includes the following pathways:

The FDM Academies are designed as ‘model office environments’ which ensures our consultants can seamlessly transition to a client site and make a difference from day one. Weekly assessments make sure trainees are achieving the high standards expected of them to be successful. The learning experience combines theoretical knowledge with practical real-life application and includes trainer-led classroom work, online learning, and project-based assignments. The duration of the training is between 6-14 weeks and includes access to several industry-recognised certifications such as:

What Backgrounds Do Consultants Come from?

At FDM, we strongly endorse the mantra: No STEM, No Problem. What this means is, we encourage people from non-STEM backgrounds to apply to our technical programmes. While our consultants are broadly trained in either Business or Technical pathways, they can come from diverse backgrounds. Can you get tech jobs without a STEM degree? We say: Yes. With the right attitude and transferrable skills we can help launch successful careers in tech for fresh graduates, ex-forces personnel and those who want to return to work after a career break.

Read some of our Case Studies to find out how our consultants have helped businesses build their talent pipelines around the world:

How Can FDM’s Model Help You?

At FDM, we work in partnership with our clients to fill specialty skills gaps within their teams, building their talent pipeline for the future. With flexible contract terms, FDM can provide scalable resources at short notice and across multiple client sites.

1. Reduce Admin Costs

According to a report by Glassdoor, the average cost to hire a new employee in the UK is £3000. FDM’s Recruit, Train Deploy model helps businesses significantly reduce this cost by undertaking the screening, recruitment and training of candidates. This also allows businesses to mitigate some of the risks associated with hiring, especially in IT and financial services like background checks. At the end of their training period, our vetted and business-ready consultants are placed at a client site, for a seamless integration into your workforce.

2. Build a Diverse Workforce

Our commitment to create a diverse workforce ensures our clients can build their own balanced teams, employing consultants from a wide range of backgrounds, skill sets and experiences. Everyone who interviews applicants for our careers programme has undergone unconscious bias training. We have implemented gamification testing during the application process and ensure that a university-blind process is enforced during the face-to-face interviews at assessment days to further reduce any bias.

Internally, we have over 86 different nationalities making up our workforce – just one of the stats that reflects our commitment to social inclusiveness and diversity. This in turn enables us to help our clients build a diverse talent pipeline.

3. Training for Specific Skills

At FDM, we work in partnership with our clients to really understand their organisational challenges and objectives. We know the vast and complex technical landscape that businesses operate in varies enormously, which is why FDM’s model has been designed to be as flexible and agile as possible.

We can train people in specialised technologies, platforms or working methodologies to suit their organisational objectives.

FDM has worked in collaboration with clients to develop several tailored programmes in addition to our core training. Some of these have included:

Our tailored training programmes help fill your skills gap with business-ready professionals custom-trained to add value to your business from Day 1. We have a highly targeted recruitment process to shortlist candidates for our training programmes. Clients have the opportunity to meet pre-vetted applicants if they wish prior to them starting their customised training.

4. Continuous Service

As the training is fully funded by FDM, our consultants commit to work for us for a period of two years which allows us to provide guaranteed continuity of service to clients and the ability to scale at speed.

Clients can transfer their on-site FDM consultants to be part of their permanent teams after our agreed contractual time frames have lapsed. This enables our clients to retain knowledge and skills whilst adding a broad mix of experienced professionals to their own talent pool.

5. International Presence with Localised Support

FDM is present across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Our Consultant Peer Support (CPS) Programme ensures that when a new consultant is placed with a client, they are connected with a more senior FDM consultant already working with that client to help them acclimatise to their new role.

We continue to support our consultants whilst they are on site, as well as offer professional and technical support to underpin the training they receive in the academy.

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