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Meet the German Recruitment Team

Frankfurt team - FDM

Over the last few weeks, we have introduced you to our recruitment teams in North America, APAC and the UK. Today we will be visiting our team in Frankfurt who recruit graduates all year round.


Sandra Karpf - FDMSandra Karpf, Graduate Recruitment Consultant

Being a Recruitment Consultant at FDM means I get to meet a variety of interesting people, hear their unique stories and be involved at the start of their careers. As a team, we are always ready to specify and optimise our way to find and recruit the most suitable candidates for the FDM programme.

Best advice to candidates: Keep your expectations and options open at the start of your career. Be authentic during an interview and always remember to prepare.




Sarah Riemer - FDMSarah Riemer, Recruitment Consultant

I’ve had some wonderful memories at FDM. My favourite one is at a team event last year when we all cooked a Christmas dinner together. Working as a recruiter at FDM, I’ve been able to look at the person behind the CV – not just what is written down about them. I urge candidates to be themselves, be positive and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Fun fact: I’ve spent the last 20 years dancing ballet and I absolutely love it.




Theoklia Brussa - FDMTheoklia Brussa, Recruitment Assistant

I started working for FDM in March and everybody has been really helpful in making me feel comfortable, I can always rely on them. What I like about FDM is the multicultural aspect which is implemented in the company. Outside of work I’m an avid fitness enthusiast. From sports to various activities, I’m always out and about.

Best advice for graduates: Always be yourself, never stop wanting to learn and stay always open-minded.




Sinja - FDMSinja Schmidt, Working Student Marketing, Recruitment & Employer Branding

What I particularly appreciate about FDM is that each candidate receives individual feedback on his or her application following the application day. This way, everyone can individually add value to their application and grow regardless of whether the candidate ultimately receives an approval or rejection from FDM.

Favourite FDM memory: We did a video shoot not too long ago with the recruitment team and Greg from Glasgow. I took over the camera assistance and some coordination tasks which was fun.



Alexandra - FDMAlexandra Jesussek, Recruitment Consultant

I’ve had a great career with FDM. A few weeks ago at an Italian, the table next to us were celebrating a birthday and the waiter brought the lady over a delicious looking dessert as a birthday present. Without hesitation, we all started to pretend that one of our colleagues were celebrating a birthday too – a few minutes later we all ended up with a piece of birthday cake in our hands singing happy birthday!

Favourite hobby: I’m not exactly sport ‘doer’ but I love to watch! I never miss a match of the Fraport Skyliners Basketball team. #LetsGoFrankfurt




Alisa - FDMAlisa Goering, Recruitment Consultant

Every morning I come to work with a smile on my face because we are not only colleagues, we are friends. It makes working even better and fun. My favourite thing about FDM is how we are more focused on personality than the hard facts. I haven’t had this experience with any other recruiter side, it’s great helping people fulfil their career dreams.

Favourite activity outside of work: I really enjoy looking for new trends in interior design and decoration, there is nothing better than coming back from work to a beautiful and comfy home.




Merle - FDMMerle Hellwig, Graduate Recruiter

I’m a bit different to the rest of the recruiters on this blog as I’m not based in Frankfurt, I work from the London office. The kind of applicant I look for should be open-minded, motivated, communicative and have a will to learn in order to start their career. We truly care about our candidates and provide support throughout the application process.

Fun fact about me: I care a lot about my car, it is a 25-year-old BMW E30.




Svjetlana Grajic - FDMSvjetlana Grajic, Recruitment Consultant

I have been an FDMer for three years now, and there are too many educational and funny memories to count. I like how we’re able to develop relationships with our candidates and can see how they grow in the company. I really enjoy helping graduates and giving them the step up they need to get into their desired roles. My advice for interviews is to not play a ‘role’, we’re looking for friendly, authentic and professional applicants so just be yourself!

My hobby outside of work: My personal highlight last year was an obstacle run with about 30 obstacles over 13km – I like a challenge.




Marius - FDMMarius Gelhausen, Recruitment Manager

Over the past five years I have gotten to know thousands of different candidates and it’s pretty cool to be such a big part of their careers. I enjoy following their journey through FDM and seeing them place with one of our blue chip clients. When it comes to giving advice to graduates I say that making mistakes is part of a good learning process and sometimes you have to go one step back in order to get two steps ahead. A career can always go sideways, which can be a part of a process so it’s important not to become frustrated about it.

What I look for in candidates: Self-reflection, authenticity, the ability to differentiate yourself from the crowd and self-efficiency.

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