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Meet the Leeds Recruitment Team

View of a canal and buildings in Leeds, United Kingdom, during mid afternoon.

Our next recruitment team feature comes from the Leeds Recruitment Team. Here in Leeds, we are lucky to not only have our Graduate Recruiters, but University Partnership Consultants and Ex-Forces Recruiters as well.

Lyndsey McGuire

Lyndsey McGuire, Recruitment Manager North

From: Newcastle

Favourite FDM memory: The yearly recruitment conference in London

“We offer a lot of support throughout the whole recruitment process from feedback at video interview stage to assessment centres. The team are brilliant at providing support to candidates through mock interviews, ensuring that constructive feedback is given which then helps the candidate to understand exactly what their interview technique is like.”

Top Tip: Collaboration is key in any working environment. Spend time to get to know everyone on an individual level; find out their interests, hobbies, strengths and weaknesses so that you can build a strong bond.


Lucie Leroy

Lucie Leroy, Graduate Recruiter

From: France

Favourite FDM memory: Participating in the global bowling league

“What sets FDM apart from other companies is that it is a very friendly organisation that genuinely wants everyone to do well. There is healthy competition to join the programme but everyone can get a place! When I am searching for the perfect candidate I look for enthusiasm and passion as these traits show motivation and I find these candidates do well!”

Top Tip: Be confident in your experiences and studies. Be enthusiastic and show you really want to be there!


Gemma Phillips

Gemma Phillips, Graduate Recruiter

From: Winchester

Favourite FDM memory: Summer party photo booth

“I have been with FDM for over a year. I really enjoy bringing candidates through the process and watching them succeed within the Academy and then out on site with a client. It is really important that a candidate shows enthusiasm as well as commitment to FDM. The training that is provided is second to none, not only do you have the chance to gain industry-recognised qualifications but you gain the commercial experience many graduates need. I particularly enjoy organising and running our open evening events in Leeds and getting the chance to meet graduates looking to join FDM.”

Top Tip: Make sure you prepare in advance for an assessment day. Do lots of revision for the tests and make use of your recruiter for preparation tips!


Molly French

Molly French, Senior Graduate Recruiter

From: Stafford

Favourite FDM memory: Bowling at the Recruitment Conference

“Candidate care is the most important part of our recruitment process, we emphasise that there is support at every stage, from the initial application through to being out on site as a Consultant. We have great training in place to help graduates gain commercial experience in a corporate environment. When looking through the applications I receive I am looking for graduates who demonstrate a positive attitude, are hardworking and honest with me throughout the process.”

Top Tip: Always ask for feedback and take that on board – keep a positive attitude!


Melik CInar

Melik Cinar, Graduate Recruiter

From: York

Favourite FDM memory: Socialising outside of work and attending the events we host for candidates such as interactive open evenings and welcome events for future FDMers.

“I have worked in recruitment for three years, however working as a recruiter for FDM is different as we take graduates from any discipline and provide them with the support and training needed to start their careers. As a company we are constantly supporting and developing our candidates’ skills, which is something I’ve not always seen in recruitment.”

Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter what. At the end of the day we are here to help graduates kick-start their careers and getting the most out of the opportunity.


Lisa Deaklin

Lisa Deakin, Graduate Recruiter

From: Leeds

Favourite FDM memory: It’s been my first week however I have really enjoyed getting to know the graduates currently on the programme and learning the process throughout the academy

“I look for candidates who demonstrate passion for wanting to work in the IT industry and draw out relevant experiences from university. They should definitely demonstrate enthusiasm and motivation for the opportunities that are available to them. I think it is unique how we support graduates from their application right through to when they start.”

Top Tip: Be confident, build on all your skills and always give examples on projects from University as we like to relate to real life experiences


Rebecca Sullivan - FDM

Rebecca Sullivan, Assessment Centre Co-ordinator

From: Borgå, Finland

Favourite FDM memory: FDM summer party

“What sets FDM apart from other companies is the high quality of candidate care, recruiters support their candidates throughout their preparation for their assessment centre and develop great relationships with them which really contributes to an overall positive experience. Running the assessment centres I think it is really important for candidates to be friendly, polite and professional throughout their assessment day as it is an easy way to make a first impression with everyone.”

Top Tip: I would advise graduates to really try to build on any feedback that they get and not be disheartened by constructive criticism, it will help you do better in the future.


Richard Brook

Richard Brook, Regional University Relationship Manager North

From: Leeds

Favourite FDM memory: Global bowling league!

“I have been with FDM for just over two years as a Regional University Relationship Manager for the North of England. I look after over 30 university relationships, working with career services to enhance student employability. We invest in the recruitment process and it is one of the fairest I have seen. When interviewing candidates looking to join the programme I align their values with our core strengths and values. If someone has the potential to succeed with FDM then we will input all our efforts to assist them.”

Top Tip: Remind yourself each day that you don’t know what you don’t know and stay positive. Go for it even if you’re not sure of what the outcome might be – the best things in life are on the other side of fear.


Lauren Gorling

Lauren Goring, Senior Graduate Recruiter and University Partnerships

From: Derby

Favourite FDM memory: Going to Ireland to run the assessment centre

“Working within the University Partnership team, I handle hundreds of applications from the universities I work with. In order to make yourself stand out, make sure that you demonstrate a passion to learn, the drive to succeed and the desire to grow within the company. I particularly enjoy building a rapport with every one of my candidates and taking them through the recruitment process. When your candidate gets placed with a client it is a great feeling!”

Top Tip: Research the company before applying! You would be surprised how many calls I take a day where the candidate is unsure of what we do and what role they are applying for.


Michaela Hall

Michaela Hall, Graduate Recruiter and University Partnerships

From: Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Favourite FDM memory: Participating in the global bowling league!

“I think that our recruitment process provides the best support to candidates who are looking to start their career. I like to spend time getting to know every one of the candidates who I am bringing through the process as I assist them at every stage, from CV tips to mock interviews. I look for someone who has strategic awareness and a positive mind-set, whilst being driven and passionate for the role they are going for.”

Top Tip: Be honest with your recruiter!


Lara Senhen

Lara Senhen, Graduate Recruiter and University Partnerships

From: Cologne, Germany

Favourite FDM memory: Taking part in the Professional Skills academy training

“When looking for the ideal candidate to join FDM, it is crucial that they have a passion for technology. They can hold a degree from any background but as a company which operates in the IT industry, the interest and drive to start a career in this sector must be there. I am new to the team but everyone has been very welcoming and I know I have the support from the team when I need it.”

Top Tip: Listen to recruiters, we are here to help you, always remain positive and be yourself!


Stephen Fowles-White

Stephen Fowles-White, Specialist Graduate Recruiter and University Partnerships

From: Leeds

Favourite FDM memory: Christmas parties – they are a great time to reflect on the year but also to go out and enjoy being with the team.

 “I joined FDM three and a half years ago and I have taken many candidates through the process. I look for candidates who have good communication skills and have the ability to articulate examples which align with FDM’s core strengths and values.”

Top Tip: Whether you graduated this year or four years ago, if you have an interest in developing a career within a growing company and sector then FDM can provide you with the means to do this.


Emily Stretton

Emily Stretton, Marketing, Recruitment and Events Assistant

From: Leicestershire

Favourite FDM memory: University Partnerships training day

“I joined FDM almost a year ago to gain commercial experience in a corporate environment as part of my degree. My time was FDM has been incredibly enjoyable, I particularly like going out to different universities and meeting prospective candidates on campus. I have also had the chance to get involved with marketing campaigns such as outdoor advertising in Leeds and Glasgow and really putting what I have learnt at university into practice.”

Top Tip: For anyone considering a placement year then certainly do one – my time here has been invaluable!


James Murray

James Murray, Ex-Forces Recruiter

From: Castleford

Favourite FDM memory: The 2017 Cumbrian Challenge – challenging conditions to say the least and anyone that was also there that weekend can definitely attest to that!

“Working as an Ex-Forces recruiter I typically look for transferrable skills gained from the military such as leadership, experience, teamwork and adaptability to see if they are a good fit for the programme. The overall package that we offer to both graduates and service leavers is second to none. We offer a solid foundation when transitioning into a second career.”


Top Tip: “When you go through your training don’t be afraid to ask questions – if you have a question the chances are that someone else is probably thinking about it as well”


Leanne Robinson

Leanne Robinson, Ex-Forces Recruiter

From: Leeds

Favourite FDM memory: Meeting people at Insight days and listening to the different stories and journeys people have taken.

“The main attribute which I look for when recruiting candidates is a positive attitude. A candidate who has the passion for FDM and are excited about the prospect of joining FDM are always a pleasure to take through the process. For Ex-Forces candidates in particular, use your military experience to tell your story and network with everyone.”

Top Tip: Improve your LinkedIn profile – I often get asked how I find candidates and my number one answer is LinkedIn. Social or professional networking can bring you amazing results!


Are you interested in training for a career in IT or business intelligence? You can do so on our award-winning Graduate Careers Programme, Ex-Forces Careers Programme or Getting Back to Business Programme.

Featured image credit: Photo by Tim Lumley on Unsplash 

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