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My First Few Months at FDM

My First Few Months at FDM

I’m Olivia Kerr and I’m currently in my third year studying Business Studies with Marketing Management at Edinburgh Napier University. I specifically chose my university course due to the inclusion of a year-long industrial placement as I wanted to gain real experience in the corporate world as part of my degree.

My Experience So Far:

Looking back over my first few months at FDM I can already see how much I’ve progressed on both a personal level and in my ability to fulfil my role as Recruitment, Marketing & Events Assistant.

From the outset I was given various responsibilities, ranging from producing marketing material such as target emails for media partners, creating posts for social media or conducting research for events and more. My role also includes being the assessment day coordinator where I guide candidates through interviews and tests, alongside organising presentations and tours of the Glasgow Academy.

I really enjoy the flexibility of my role as each day provides me with different tasks and new learning experiences, which allows me to develop my skills and understanding of a global company.

The Jump from University to Work:

One of the main things I’ve noticed over the past few months is how significant the jump is between university and the workplace. Although I’ve previously enjoyed my university modules, it has already been invaluable for me to put theory I have learnt from lectures into practice. My learning at FDM goes beyond this as I’m working on tasks which I have not encountered before, such as the admin work behind the assessment days and assisting with blog and video marketing content. Since I started at FDM I have learnt how the departments operate and most importantly how to work as part of a team, which will not only benefit me when I return to university but also after graduation. Working at FDM has also deepened my knowledge of technology and the recruitment industry, something that I expect to continue throughout my placement.

Travelling to London:

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the FDM centre in London to attend the Corporate Induction Day. This was a great opportunity to meet other FDMers from the UK offices who I’d only previously contacted via phone or email, including fellow placement students. We were able to discuss our individual roles and learn how the work of the different teams across the departments enables us to embody FDM’s values and achieve our day-to-day goals. Experiencing the London centre was eye-opening for me as I was able to witness how a large workplace operates whilst making connections with my colleagues.

What’s To Come?

Although I’m only a few months into my placement with FDM I already feel like a valued member of the team and I enjoy being given more and more responsibility as I tailor my role according to the opportunities open to me. Over the remainder of my placement, I hope to become fully involved in each of the recruitment, marketing and events departments. I look forward to working alongside the placement students from other regions and gaining experience in a wide range of areas to truly make the most out of my placement year.

 Keep an eye out on our website as applications open soon for our 2019 placement students in the UK.

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