Empowering Women to Shape our Tech Future

Women represent 50% of our population and yet…the proportion of women working in the technology space is only around 28%.

What’s going on? And what are we going to do about it?

As a market leader in the technology sector, with an abiding commitment to diversity of all kinds, we believe these are questions that must be explored.

We’re hosting a live event at our Sydney office to share insights on the technology industry and our plans to help create the gender equality shift that must happen – our 50:50 vision.

    Wednesday 14th September
    6pm-8:30pm AEST
    International Towers, Level 21 Tower Three, 300 Barangaroo Ave, Sydney NSW 2000
    / Virtual (Zoom)


Consultant Experience Manager, FDM Group

Our fabulous MC for the evening is one of our very own. Anisha is passionate about taking care of our consultants from day dot throughout their time at FDM and on-site with clients.

Manager, Powered Data Insights Lead

After graduating with a degree in Economics, completing our graduate program, Priya has progressed quickly at one of Australia’s largest accounting firms and now leads a team focused on powered data and insights.

Business Analyst, T&O

Danielle supports the Senior Leadership Team of Insurance Platforms by collecting and analysing data, providing insights, and driving change. She is passionate about the possibilities in the tech industry and is excited to share her experience with you

Business Analyst in Open Banking

With a degree in Commerce and Economics, Samantha joined FDM in one of our Business Analysis and Business Intelligent streams. From there she got a placed at one of Australia’s major banking and finance companies. Now an FDM Alumni, she is keen to speak to you all about how her FDM journey has excelled her career in the tech industry.

You’re invited to an important evening event

Championing the role of women in tech

We believe the importance of women’s roles in tech cannot be overstated. Finally, companies are starting to recognise the undeniable benefits of including women in positions of influence – especially in tech.

At FDM we have always championed gender equality. Our aim with this event is to spotlight women’s past contributions to IT advancements, what they are experiencing now and what the future holds.

Just some of what you’ll hear about in this inspiring evening:

  • The vital role women play in the growth of the tech industry
  • FDM’s commitment to universal diversity, inclusion and equality
  • The opportunities for women to launch successful IT careers – and more

Empowering Women to take the step into Tech

FDM bridges the gap between university and the commercial world. We have always championed diversity in the workplace and believe there should be more women in STEM fields.

For over 30 years, FDM has helped successfully launch careers in IT and business of thousands of graduates, many from non-STEM degree backgrounds.

We recruit all year-round and, in just 6-14 weeks, our award-winning training can have you job-ready and placed with one of our multi-national clients.

Committed to your success

We know that any graduate from any degree background have the potential for a successful career in tech. What really makes the FDM Graduate Program stand apart is that you can rely on us as a partner in your personal and career growth from day one.

  • We match your goals, skills, and strengths to the tech role that’s the best fit for you
  • Our fully funded, award-winning academy training gets you job-ready in 6-14 weeks
  • You’ll receive guidance, mentoring and support throughout your career journey

Find out how easily you can launch a career with unlimited possibilities…

Empowering Women to Shape our Tech Future

  • Wednesday 14th September
    6pm-8:30pm AEST

Note: Although we use the words women and men, it is important to us that you understand our definitions include all women and all men; cisgender, transgender or gender diverse, and we acknowledge and include those who identify outside the binary.