Cloud Consulting Services

Accelerate your journey to the cloud

Cloud technology is now widely adopted by organisations across the world, driving efficiency and innovation and helping businesses achieve their goals at a much faster pace, and on a larger scale. With cloud technology evolving at the current rate, organisations need to focus on creating a sustainable workforce, or run the risk of being over reliant on expensive contractors.

FDM’s Cloud Consulting Services support your organisation across a range of cloud areas. Our cloud engineering consultants are experts in their field, trained across cloud fundamentals, cloud system design & security, creating and configuring cloud resources, storage and databases, on-premise and multi-cloud solutions and more. They also have expertise in programming languages such as SQL and Python, and operating systems such as UNIX.

FDM consultants can skilfully capture technology benefits and adopt industry best practices to contribute to the success of cloud projects across our client base.

Passionate, collaborative, professional Cloud Engineers

We provide highly trained and passionate cloud computing professionals who are eager to start their careers in one of the most interesting areas of IT.

Our consultants have experience across major public cloud platforms such as, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. They have been involved in cloud-based projects throughout the different stages of their lifecycle, from gap analysis and design, through to the deployment and maintenance phases of large-scale cloud roll-outs.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and FDM are collaborating to provide cloud skills development to our consultants through the AWS re/Start program, prepping them to launch entry-level cloud careers with our clients that require AWS Cloud practitioner knowledge and skills.