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Graduate Programmes – What are they?

Group of people at graduation ceremony.

What is a graduate programme?

We’re sure you’ve heard us talking about the exciting graduate programme that we offer at FDM Group, but what is it exactly? A graduate programme, or ‘graduate scheme’ is an entry-level job, that provides opportunities for graduates to launch their career without the need for previous experience. They usually last between one or two years and involve a range of specialist training to help set graduates on a successful career path after college or university.

Article updated 8 June 2020

Who enters into a graduate programme?

Graduate programmes are, as the name suggests, intended for graduates of colleges and universities. It’s important to remember that the training offered on a graduate programme isn’t a replacement for your higher education - it’s designed to complement and build on the knowledge and skills you already have. Don’t worry if you are not a recent graduate; most programmes are willing to work with anyone qualified, so long you have your degree you can apply.

What types of companies offer graduate schemes?

There are a wide range of graduate programmes available in different sectors including technology, finance, marketing and retail. Typically, you’ll find that it’s larger, international companies that offer graduate programmes because they have the resources, experience and expertise to provide excellent training. They are also looking to uncover the most talented graduates for their business.

What are the benefits of the FDM graduate programme?

  • We recruit all year round. Most other graduate programmes have one or two starts per year. With FDM, there’s much more flexibility on when you can start your career
  • We welcome applicants from all degree backgrounds and universities; you don’t have to have studied a STEM subject to join one of our technology graduate programmes, for example
  • Our in-depth training provides graduates with the knowledge, skill set and business thinking that many graduates otherwise feel they lack when starting out in their career
  • We look for potential, not a predefined 10-year career plan. We don’t expect you to know exactly what you want to do straight away. Our graduate programme provides you with more time and a greater opportunity to figure things out
  • Many of our clients work with us as they are looking for graduates to enter directly into their teams on a long-term basis, which means that they invest in your development and progress 
  • The FDM graduate programme enables you to adapt and build on the knowledge and skills you have acquired at university or college and apply them to a corporate working environment
  • We provide you with excellent, structured training to prepare you for a successful career and a foot in the door with our prestigious clients
  • It gives you the opportunity to work with a great team of professionals, and diversify your skills and experience working in the corporate world
  • You will be fully supported by our team throughout your career journey with us.

How does the training part of the graduate programme work?

Once admitted into a programme, you’ll officially become a trainee, before progressing into your employment role. At FDM we have two distinct training pathways, the Business Consulting Graduate Programme and the Technical Consulting Graduate Programme. In each of these pathways, you will have the opportunity to progress into specialist roles such as Software Development, Robotics Process Automation, Business Analysis, Risk, Regulation and Compliance, Business Intelligence and much more. The training part of the graduate programme will help you to develop practical and professional skills to prepare you for the workplace. This training is provided through the FDM Academies and led by specialist trainers.

What makes FDM Group’s Graduate Programme different from the rest?

FDM Group is a global leader in the recruit, train and deploy sector, specialising in technology.  We work in partnership with our clients to help with their technology projects and to fill specialty skills gaps in their teams. We look at a broad range of factors during our application process, not just degree type or university. We focus on the potential of candidates and what they can bring to a role to make a real difference. What sets FDM’s graduate programme apart is that it provides a much greater opportunity to work with industry-leading clients than most other programmes. With FDM, you have the opportunity to gain invaluable commercial experience with our prestigious clients and kick-start an exciting career. The best part about FDM’s Graduate Programme is that we put our trainees in the perfect position for career growth. When your two-year commitment with FDM ends, there are a number of exciting options. You can stay with FDM and progress to become a Senior Consultant. You may also transition to the client as part of their permanent team.

How do I apply for the FDM graduate programme?

Are you interested in training for a career in technology? You can do so on our award-winning Graduate Careers Programme. Read some of our graduate stories from the blog:  
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